Thursday, November 4, 2021 – The Sandlot – Halleck Park Papillion – 5:30 a.m.

PAX: Ear Tag, Diddy, Squeaky Clean, Haggis, Trench, Zorro, FireWalker, KOA
Q: BabyShark

5:30 a.m. 9 PAX met at Halleck Park on a cool crisp morning with conditions ripe for running. Baby Shark lead the group with introducing F3, the five core principles and mission statement. After some quick mumble chatter it was off and running for a medium pace counter-clockwise around the duck pond and down Lincoln towards the Papillion Junior High.

Warmarama (5:40 a.m.): Baby Shark and KOA led the pack on the run and Baby Shark huddled the group up at the base of the Washington Street bridge. Baby Shark lead with 15 Tappy Taps followed by 15 Big Ones in cadence.

Thang: The PAX numbered off by 2’s and group 1 stayed at the base of the bridge to perform leg exercise AMRAP while group 2 ran the bridge to the other side at an aggressive pace. The first exercise by group 1 was box jumps. Group 2 returned and performed box jumps while group 1 ran the bridge. This continued with leg exercises that went Box Jumps, Air Squats, Alternating lunges, Johnny Dramas.

After 5 rotations of running the bridge and rotating leg exercise AMRAP, the PAX formed one group for a chain run back to the duck pond. The first man dropped off and performed 3 burpees. The pace was great and the chatter even better. The group made it back just in time for a little Mary.

Mary (6:05 a.m.): The group performed 15 flutter kicks in cadence followed by 15 LBC’s in cadence and then finished with American Hammers rancid style.

Announcements: Shout out to Squeaky Clean for organizing the December blood drive. The Sarpy list if full, but PAX can sign-up on the Douglas County list. Check out Whats App and Slack for information on the weekends lineup for Project Pink.

Prayers: Prayers for Knobs and his family. Prayers for High Life and his father-in-law. Prayers for Baby Sharks’ friend Andy who is battling cancer.

COT: Baby Shark was fortunate to attend Dude Perfect in Lincoln, NE the week before and shared his experience. He shared how the members of Dude Perfect addressed the crowd following the event and told their story of following Jesus and how their faith remains important to them. They told the story of the Prodigal Son. Baby Shark discussed the impact of this parable on him and talked about the story and focused on the older son and his duty to his father in the parable. Baby Shark discussed the message that our duty can get in the way and blind us with regards to our motivation. Baby Shark shared a personal story of jealousy he felt when his duty to be a father impacted him. Baby Shark gave a message of asking ourselves what motivates us as fathers and do we let our duty impact our unconditional love for our family and relationships? Be mindful of how you father your children and look over your family.

BabyShark ended with a prayer.

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The Sandlot

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