Saturday, Nov. 6 | Oracle | Boys Town 7am | 35 degrees

PAX (13): Romeo (Hate), Black Flag, Blades of Glory, Hey Hey, Vandelay (Respect), Slow Pitch, Straight Flush, Retweet, Gator, Armrah, Diablo (FNG-Hate), Cataracts, Sparty

QIC: Sparty

While I was already very much looking forward to the day, it couldn’t have started any better than to wake up to a text from Tater Tot at 4:58am. I arrived to the shovel flags shortly after 6am knowing I would miss the 6am group, and Tater walked with me while we walked into the foggy mist of Boys Town campus. These 10 minutes meant so much to me because I know Tater went out of his way this morning to spend just 10 minutes with me before he took off south to join the men at The Pit. As he drove away, I did a short pre-run at a Slow Pitch pace before returning to my car for a quick trip to the gas station….When I returned at 6:58am, the first group was starting to pray so I grabbed a spot a little ways away to give them their privacy while we waited for the clock to strike 7am.

As the clock struck 7am, I tried to delay as best as I could to allow any of the HIM that were doubling up to join us. I fumbled through the Mission Statement (I blacked out apparently) and then went through our core principles and paused for an Othello “ALWAYS OUTSIDE,” but that fell on silence. It was 7:02am and we seemed to have our crew ready to go, so we took off on a “short” mosey. While the PAX thought nothing of it to start off on a mosey heading south through campus, it was when we turned to head east and head down the hill that they realized that “short” mosey is relative. We made our way to 132nd street where we stopped to wait for the 6, and Slow Pitch went to pick them up. It was at this point that I realized I did not factor in all the PAX that were there and that this mosey may have been a little too far as our man Romeo fell quite a bit behind. While I was now aware of this and ready to audible where I needed to, I also acknowledged that we still need to run all the way back. By planning on my part.


  • Son Gods – Sobriety Style 10 F/R IC
  • Cherry Pickers – Sobriety Style 20 IC
  • Tappy Taps – 15 IC
  • Tater Taps – 10 IC
  • Small Ones – 20 count
  • Monkey Humpers – I had the men line up and face west to perform the exercise for 132nd street passers.

As we concluded WAR, we mosey’d back up the hill to campus. The plan was to then go to the west side of the Field House for our next stop. The climb made for a slow mosey, and this is where the guilt got heavy for the long run. I saw some giant tires and thought quickly about, “do we need to flip these…..” but we kept on our path. As everyone arrived, I quickly explained some exercises.


  • Donkey Kicks – 15
  • BTTW – 20-30 seconds
  • Chicken Peckers – 10 IC

I then let the PAX know that the next mosey is not as long as we made our way north to the open field by Dodge St. The sun was coming up and the fog had thickened, it was perfect! We then started in on the workout.

The Thang – 3-man Grinder

  • Station 1 Exercises (AMRAP)
    • Heel Touches
    • ETK
    • American Hammers
    • Big Boys
    • Flutter Kicks
    • Heels to Heaven
  • Station 2 Exercises (AMRAP)
    • Squats
    • Merkins
    • Bonnie Blairs
    • Werkins
    • Squat Jumps
    • Carolina Dry Docks

Something I’ve learned over the last couple years that the most appreciated and enjoyable beatdowns for the PAX of Omaha are the ones that allow for mumblechatter, which is why AMRAPs are my go-to rather than rep counts. And today it was flowing! Our man Diablo did not seem like an 8th grade FNG as he fit in like a 3-year vet with kicking butt and chatting it up. A couple highlights for me were Armbar picking me up each round off the ground, fist bumps when the push guy returned, the veteran guys getting to know Hey Hey and Straight Flush, Diablo wanting to race (he definitely beat me), and when I asked Diablo what soccer team he played for, he had the best response possible, “my team!” I was like, well duh I should have known that. As the clock struck 7:50am, “OMAHA” was shouted out loud and we made our way back to the flags.

Name-a-rama had great energy, and naming our FNG was incredibly easy as Cataracts came well prepared with a name – welcome Diablo! You impressed us all today and we can’t wait to see you back out in the Gloom young man.

Announcements/Prayers: Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving – Opportunity at Abide on Dec. 9 – Blood Drive Dec. 17 – Operations Others Dec. 18 – Men’s Retreat Jan. 6-8 and sign ups closes on 11/13. Prayers for the Tabor family! Prayers for Bruce as he is battling Covid.

COT: My M teases me that I am obsessed with F3. What I am obsessed with is making an Impact in people’s lives and helping our community. This is what drives me to continue to jump in day after day into the deep end of what F3 has to offer. Today is a big day for F3 as we celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Mother Goose, as well as the accomplishment of Project Pink’d. This is also a special day for me. As Tater Tot said it so well, if you want to make an Impact in the world, you must first make an Impact with yourself. Today I am celebrating 365 days of being Sober. While I started on my journey last year to create an Impact in our community with helping launch our own Foundation, I acknowledged that I needed to make some changes in my life in order to help make changes in our community. My background is that I am someone that has battle depression for a long time going back to junior high. I also struggled with making friends with guys and socializing. As I got older, I used alcohol as my way to get comfortable with socializing. I thought this was helping, but what I’ve realized now is that what I was really doing was hiding who I really was and burying my feelings in drunkenness. Drinking became a numbing agent for me to suppress my emotions. Through sobriety, I have found clarity in my mind, and stability in my emotions.

Its really awesome that while I am sharing this with you today and we got to see the Impact the Nugent flag has had on the PAX, and specifically today with Blades of Glory, 365 days ago I was out with Nugent and his M. My last drink was shared with Grad and this is something I will always cherish. What I really want now is to simply share my Gratitude for what the last year has meant for me. First I need to thank my Shield Lock – Armbar & Othello! These men mean so much to me and help me each and every day of my life. Secondly, I would like to thank my unofficial shield lock with Tater Tot, Plague, and Slow Pitch. These 3 have been my support system when things are challenging and when its time to share some wins. These 5 PAX members make me a better man and their love and support is Impacting my life each day to help me make an Impact for others. Thank you men!

I encourage you all to think about how you can make changes within yourself so that you can go out and make an Impact in the world! Thank you all for the day and the opportunity to lead you all today.



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