November 6, 2021|AO- The Oracle 6AM|40 degrees

27 PAX: Armbar, GTA, Dirty Bird, Stiches, Superfly, Hey Hey, Blades of Glory, Mac N Cheese, Short Sale, Saul, Waterboy, Killswitch, UHaul, Gator, Wait Time (Respect), Jackrabbit, Oompa, Lansbury, Poseidon, Pothole, Doppler, Doggy Paddle, Slow Pitch, Bubbles, Da Vinci (Respect x2), Vandelay (Respect), Mother Goose (QIC)

5:40 AM- Showed up early to set up a few areas around the Boys Town campus. 

5:50 AM- Needed a bathroom quickly and drove like a mad man to nearest gas station.

6:01 AM- Pulled into a parking spot in front of a large group of confused PAX and Saul grabbing his phone to call me.  Apologized for being late but explained why to a chorus of laughter.

6:01 AM- Recited meaning, principles and mission of F3 and gave disclaimer; no FNG’s.

Moseyed from the flags to the parking lot just north of the football field for Warm-o-Rama:

  • 10 Tappy Taps IC
  • 10 Big Ones IC
  • 20 Second Small Ones Hold
  • 10 Monkey Humpers IC
  • 10 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 10 Cherry Pickers
  • 10 Tempo Merkins IC

Moseyed over to the lot west of the baseball field for Pre-Thang 1:

  • 3 Man Grinder
    • One PAX on north end doing AMRAP Merkins
    • One PAX on south end doing AMRAP Air Squats
    • One PAX running in between (roughly 50 yards) at about 75%
  • We did this for the entirty of “Kickstart My Heart” by Motley Crue

Moseyed down to Goose S**t Point for Pre-Thang 2:

  • Wildflower
    • Listened to “Wild Side” by Motley Crue, performing one Burpee every time Vince Neil sings “wild side” (25)
      • Overhead claps in between, switched halfway through the song to Hillbillies
    • Listened to “Flower” by Moby, doing Hydraulic Squats to bring Sally up and down, doing Little Baby Arm Circles throughout
      • Switched from right leg lead to left leg lead halfway through

Counted off by 4 and moseyed south to the hill for The Thang- 4 Pain Stations:

  • Station 1 (Push)
    • 50 Big Boys
    • Run up Hill to 2
  • Station 2
    • 20 Werkins
    • 20 Frozen Freddy’s IC
    • 20 Copperhead Squats IC
    • Rinse and Repeat until pushed, lunge to 3 (also on top of hill)
  • Station 3
    • 20 Ranger Merkins
    • 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC
    • 20 Bobby Hurleys
    • Rinse and Repeat until pushed, Crawl Bear down hill to 4
  • Station 4
    • 20 Hand Release Merkins
    • 20 E2K (10 each)
    • 20 Prayer Squats (crossing an ankle over opposite knee and squatting with one leg, modification was Copperheads with feet and knees together)
    • Rinse and Repeat until pushed, lunge to 1
  • Omaha was called at 6:43 when all groups had completed all stations once.  We moseyed back to the Warm-o-Rama spot for Mary.


  • Master of Puppets- listen to the song
    • Fast instrumentals- hold Al Gore
    • Singing- hold plank
    • One Merkin for every time “master” or a word that rhymes with it is sung.
    • Slow instrumental in the middle- Imperial Walkers
    • Got about ¾ of the way through the song and moseyed back to the flags.


Announcements/Prayer Requests:

  • Veterans Day Ruck 11/13 from the Canyon
  • Thankful Trot on Thanksgiving at most/all sites.  Please support financially even if you are travelling for the holiday.  It goes towards a great cause.


I started by thanking the PAX for showing up to support me in celebrating one year in F3.  I wanted them to know that it did not go unnoticed and that I especially appreciated those that showed up at 6 and then would go to the Pit for the Project Pink’d check presentation.  I also thanked Doppler for switching Q’s with me, as my actual 1 year was a week ago but I was out with COVID.  It broke up his goal of Q’ing all 6 days in a week.  Completely selfless on his part!

I shared with the PAX how much of a gift F3 has been in my life.  It is amazing how close I feel to a large group of men, most of whom I had never met before starting F3 and for many of whom I still don’t know their real names.  I am blessed to have two brothers and many friends from childhood still living in Omaha, but I do not see the friends much and my brothers aren’t the ones to want to check in on me about difficult things such as my anxiety or recent COVID isolation.  Meanwhile, numerous F3 PAX check in on me almost every day. 

It just so happens that last night I watched the episode of “The Sopranos” where the idea of a Sad Clown was introduced to Tony in therapy.  That was me a year ago.  I’m a person that likes to put on a good face, appear at ease and confident, like I have everything under control.  But that wasn’t the state I was in.  I was suffering from anxiety, panic and depression.  My self-esteem was low, I didn’t feel like I was performing well at work or as a husband and father, and I had no idea how much I needed friends to understand me, welcome me and not judge me.

When I started posting, almost immediately I found just that.  PAX started reaching out right away.  I would get texts from guys I met that morning.  I discovered Wentworth and others that lived in my neighborhood and kept checking in and encouraging me to come out.  I was entrusted by Saul to take over as Site Q at Golden Spike.  I developed a Shield Lock of guys that I could tell anything.  When I try to EH other men, that is what I share with them.  It isn’t about the workout.  I still don’t like getting up early but the excitement of seeing other PAX gets me out of bed.  How am I so close to people I’ve met so recently?

I am currently reading a novel called A Gentleman in Moscow. During my COVID isolation, I read a chapter in the book that focused on the main character feeling very close to a relatively recently made friend, and in doing so he reflected on the idea of “old friends.”  Using the word “old” there has nothing to do with how long you’ve known them, but rather, how much you have shared with each other and received from one another.  The line in the book is “the tenure of friendships has never been governed by the passage of time.”  My experience in F3 couldn’t be described any better.  I have been given so much by the PAX of F3Omaha.  The glue of the 2nd F has kept me coming out, and I am genuinely in such a better place than I was a year ago.  I am happier, healthier, more forgiving of myself, and more loving and accepting of who I am and who others are.  I can’t wait to celebrate many, many more F3 anniversaries!

I led us out in a prayer of gratitude.

Here’s to good days and better tomorrows!

Cheers and SYITG,

Mother Goose

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