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Q: Roadhouse

I rolled up to the Yard at 5:07 AM. It was a beautiful crisp fall morning. I had only posted at this site one time and while I had the beatdown figured out, I wasn’t sure where exactly it would take place. I walked the hallowed grounds and took it all in. The birthplace of Cornhusker Handicap, Heavy Metal, and now the Brick Yard. I thought of the PAX members who had walked this path before me. From Wait Time and the Redwoods and all the other men who followed. It was an honor to think that now I had an opportunity to lead at this location.

I found my track and got my weinkes all set up and ready to go. I walked back to the shovel flag and saw some cars starting to arrive. To be honest with you, I was anxious and a bit nervous. I had never led a coupon workout and between you and me, I hate coupon workouts… I was worried I might disappoint the PAX. The feeling was real and palpable. And with each guy that pulled up, my anxiety grew.

By 5:30, there were 17 of us. A few of the PAX, Birdman and Bovine, had received new personalized coupons on this morning and their smiles and excitement were terrific. Big shoutout to the site Q here Huffy for gifting so many of us with incredible coupons that capture our essence. It is just amazing.

I rolled through the intro: 3 Fs, 5 core principles, mission statement. I explained that I have never led a coupon workout, but I would do my best. I asked the group to mosey a lap with me around the park before we did warm-a-rama.


SSH- Silent 15 IC + 3 Burpees

Big Ones 15 IC

Cherry Pickers 15 IC

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Sun Gods 10 each

After Warm-a-rama, I asked the PAX to grab their coupons and to be honest, this is where things started getting really weird. I have a tradition in which I lead the group through what I call a sexy pre-thang. Its usually fun and a little awkward but today… today it was amazing. An orgiastic feast for the senses. And I loved every second of it.

We started with Pickle Pushers and with the elevation of the coupon, it took it to another level. I told the group to be careful. With this extra height, it was very possible they would be deeper than ever. I then encouraged the group to make eye contact with the man next to them. It was a good start to the morning.

Sexy- Coupon Pre-Thang:

15 Pickle Pushers- hands on coupon

15 Pickle Pointers- hands back on coupon

15 Monkey Humpers- grab the coupon between your legs

15 Block Swings

The sexy pre-thang turned out to be a double workout. One was the pre-thang and the second was the ab workout from all the laughs we shared.  I then explained the thang. It would be a 3 man grinder. We counted off in 3’s and started the beatdown.


3 man grinder  

Station 1: 

Coupon Curls

Coupon Merkins

Kettlebell Swings 

Coupon Squats 

Low Dollys with Coupon Overhead 

Hold Curl in ‘up’ Position

Station 2:

Coupon Thrusters
Bent over rows
Dead lifts
Blockees (Burpee with your coupon, a.k.a. Man Makers)

Hands Crossed Upright Rows


3rd Guy walks or runs from station one to station 2 with coupon

At 6:07, Omaha was called. While the actual workout was awful, the mumblechatter was terrific. I had the great fortune to spend the Thang with Arm Bar. I cannot say enough about how much I love this guy. Every time I spend time with him we cover the gamut; sports, jobs, life, kids, facial hair, chicken wings. The guy is just the best! I love you Arm Bar!

We circled up at the shovel flags and did some Mary.


Gas Pumpers while sitting on the coupon 15 IC

Hammers Rancid Style while sitting on the coupon  17 IC


SafeRide shared several including Saturday’s festivities and other things…

Birdman shared info about an F3 men’s retreat in January. See he or Sparty for details


Our man Plague and his wife are having a baby this week. Keep them in your prayers.


I recently had the honor of meeting a young man who has had a tough road. His dad went to prison before he was born and had been in ever since. His mom was a drug addict till he was 13 and he had a childhood filled with solitude and obstacles. And despite all that he is about to graduate high school with a 4.5 GPA and has scholarship offers from many schools. He wants to be a lawyer and a YouTube star and he wants to be a bright light for those that need it.

This has gotten me thinking about my life and how much I take for granted. The opportunities I have, the life I have been given, the people around me. I complain about my job and my nagging injuries and other bullshit in my life, but I have never faced anything like this young man and he doesn’t let that stop him. In fact, it motivates him.

So I need to be better and remember what I have and not take it for granted. I need to be grateful for all the good in life and embrace the world for what it is and what it has given me. I need to be better. That is all.

Huffy prayed us out.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead here at the Brickyard. Between the questionable workout and the inappropriate jokes throughout, I am confident this will be my first and last Q at the Yard. But goddamn it was fun wasn’t it.

I love you guys!  


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