November 2, 2021| AO – The Mess Hall |30 °F

PAX:   Folsom, Edison, Tiger King, Mother Goose, Honey Stinger, Rosetta, LPC, and Saul  

Q: Saul welcomed 7 PAX to the Mess Hall. Saul explained the mission of F3, checked for FNGs and reminded PAX to modify as needed.

1 – Warm-A-Rama

PAX moseyed out of the parking lot and over to the basketball court

•           SSH 25 IC

•           Cross leg stretch 10 count

•           Frankenstein walk in place 10 IC

•           Sun Gods, forward and backward 10 IC

PAX moseyed  to the hill by the basketball to do the Pre Thang.

2 – Pre Thang

11s-Burpees and Bobby Hurleys

3- The Thang

PAX moseyed to the dark open field at the Mess Hall. 3 lanterns/stations were set up along the sidewalk loop. PAX split into 4 groups. One group was the push group performing 20 merkins and 20 air squats while the other 3 stations AMRAP their exercises

3 stations

Station One


-Flutter Kicks


Station Two

-Alternating Lunges

– Apolo Ohno

-Johnny Dramas-(use edge of sidewalk for negative calf raise OR just do calf raise)

Station 3

-Mountain Climbers

-Plank Jacks

-Parker Peter


COT-Election Day-Difficult Conversations Lead to Unity

I am going to tackle the taboo topic of politics because today is election day. It is an off year but there are still some local and special elections going on. I do not like politics. I studied political science in college and was interested back then. Currently, I find it to be such a polarizing topic.  Media does an excellent of exaggerating each side’s position. Social media does a great job of dividing us. A lot of people with courage behind the keyboard but would not say the same thing in person.

Personally, I either shut it out of my life completely or I do not do a good job of listening to another’s perspective. My preference is to avoid the topic in all social situation. I feel that F3 is a special place that has united people of diverse backgrounds, political or otherwise. Through our F3 activities, we often find out we have more in common than not. I also believe tough conversations happen within F3

I think that is a good lesson to apply to your everyday outside F3. Be open to engaging in a conversation with someone with different view points than you. When doing so, be sure to listen to the other person and not merely prepare your response as they talk. I think you will find that your differences are smaller than you thought.


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