AO: The Armory | November 5th, 2021 | Perfect

Q: Griswold

PAX: (20) Sparty, Gator, Lincoln Logs (respect x2), Cradle, Slapshot, Rollbar, Barn Door, Hard Hat, Truly, Cheap Seats, Obi Wan, Blades of Glory, Fire Bird, Escobar, Mr. Miyagi, Supafly, Lite Brite, T-Ball, Ozark (respect), Griswold

Pulled into the Armory about 4:35am to set up.  Took a little walk to the soccer field to set my lights up.  I will say my little $6 light from menards that looks like a campfire is pretty sweet.  As I walked back to the car to stay warm, already saw some cars coming in for the pre run.  Love to see it!

Pre runners: Hard Hat, Sparty, Cheap Seats, Gator, Barn Door, Ozark, Escobar & Griswold.

5:30am: Welcome to F3, Mission Statement, Core principles given.  No FNG’s today. 

5:32am: Mosey to parking lot to the east for WoR.  

WoR: Now, I usually pay homage to my brother Sparty here and do 5 IC SSH, but I must admit I was a little tight today.  Battled some shin splints this week and haven’t moved much so I need a little warm up. 

WoR: 15 IC SSH, 15 IC Tappy Taps, 10 IC Big Ones, 15 IC Cherry Pickers, 20 Merkins on the down.

Pre-Thang ( I suppose ): Mosey’d up to the middle school football field for a little muscle endurance work. PAX were instructed to partner up with someone around their size if possible. Start in the end zone and you had two options, either piggy bag ride or fireman carry your partner to the 50yd line and swap whenever needed. Guys started taking off quickly. I originally intended this to only be 50yds but y’all ate of bowl of bad intentions this morning and smoked that idea. YHC modified and said go to the other end zone. Al Gore for the six in plank. Sparty gave us a 10 count and we did that again for another 100yds. Heart rate felt nice and high after that.

After that, PAX were instructed to mosey back to the soccer field for the thang.

The Thang: 4 group grinder

Group 1 ( push group ): 10 burpees

Group 2 ( werkins, Carolina dry docks, merkins ) AMRAP until pushed.

Group 3 ( hydraulic squats, bonnie blairs, mountain climbers ) AMRAP until pushed. 

Group 4 ( heels to heaven, low dollies, frozen freddies ) AMRAP until pushed. 

We got through a full 2 rounds before OMAHA was called. 

MARY: American Hammers Rancid style. 20 count

NoR performed

Announcements/Prayer Requests: 

Big T-Claps to my boy Escobar and Skidz for heading up the project pinkd for October.  F3 Omaha raised $9100.  Amazing job everyone, seriously awesome job in giving to such a wonderful cause. 

Project Pink’d Saturday extravaganza: 10k, 5k, Ruck, Beatdown, Presentation. 

Our beloved Sparty gave us a list of upcoming events to join apart of:

12/9 – Abide, 12/17 Blood drive, 12/18 Operation others, Men’s retreat Jan 6-8 but sign up closes 11/13. 

Veterans Day ruck, check slack or message Doppler for Details

First Friday lunch today at Cunny’s. 

Nugent shovel Flag pass from Ozark to Blades of Glory.  Really kind words spoken from our Brother Ozark today about Nugent.  Didn’t know him, but didn’t have to.  That’s the kind of guy Nugent was.  Look around and you can feel his importance. 

COT: I’ll be honest, and my brothers Hard Hat and Lite Britewill tell you, I didn’t put as much time into this beatdown as I wanted to.  Was just one of those weeks we all have sometimes, but I made the best of it and hoped people enjoyed themselves.  That said, I borrowed a page from my brother Gator’s book.  If you’ve never been to one of his beatdown, you have to go.  Always some good trivia going on.  Anyways, I asked the PAX if they knew what national day it was.  Today is national Jersey Day.  And to me, a jersey represents that you’re a player on a team of whatever kind.  And while we have logo’d merchandise, it’s not a necessity to know that F3 is a team.  Definition of a team: Collection of individuals who have chosen to pursue one or more common goals.  In order for the team to be successful, each individual must also recognize their responsibility to the team. 

7 Qualities of a successful team: They communicate well with each other, Focus on goals and results, Everyone contributes fairly, offer each other support, team members are diverse, good leadership, organized and most importantly have fun. 

To Me, F3 is the most important team.  I mentioned that I’m not a guy that needs external motivation to work out at all.  I just naturally get up and do it.  Sort of an addictive personality type.  But for me, F3 gives me so much more than a workout because of my teammates.  I can rely on any one of my F3 brothers for anything and I hope they know they can expect the same from me.  I love coming out here every morning and just getting that mumble chatter from guys and really connecting to all achieve the same similar goal and that’s to become what we know as a HIM.  

Want to thank Gator for having me out at the Armory to Q.  Was an honor sir. 

Thanks for coming out to support me and to support the Armory. 

Hope you all had fun. 



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