November 3rd, 2021// AO: Paradise Island// 38 degrees with no wind
PAX: (27) LPC, Gunner, Saul, Chicklets, Slow Piiiiitccchhh, Two Step, Safe Ride, Vanilla Ice, Sven, Vandelay, Brazilian, FDIC, Merch, Icy Hot, Tator Tot, Flanders, Plague, Paramount, Broadside, Wait Time, Honey Stinger, Side Dish, Skipper, Khakis, Sparty, Splinter.

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The Pax were promptly welcomed at 5:15 am with the F3 core principles, mission statement, disclaimer and credo. No FNGs were present.
Mosey was commenced to the Bonefish parking lot for warm-a-rama.
• Big Ones 15 IC
• Tappy Taps 15 IC
• Merkins 15 IC

The Pax then began the run up the hill to the east at a nice pace, stopping at the top of the hill in Regency.
• Sun Gods 15 F/B IC
• Air Squats 30
• Merkins 25
We continued CW around the Regency Park stopping at Harney Parkway.
• Cherry Pickers 15 IC
• SSH 30 IC
Down the hill we progressed to Regency Parkway and south to the the apartment complex.
• 15 second plank holds x4
• 25 Merkins
We finished the run around the lake with Two Step setting a brisk pace and back to Paradise and the Shovel flags.

Merkin Clock 12 at 12
9 at 9
6 at 6

3 at 3
American Hammers Rancid style IC

Announcements and Prayers
• Funeral for Knobs father
• Prayers for the Tabor Family after losing Peggy
• Plague and his M are expecting any day!

The Q recently found $1 bill in his pocket and wished it was a $20. Although 1 doesn’t seem like much, it really can be. Prime examples are Nebraska losing to Texas in the Big 12 title game when 1 second was added to the clock. Hideki Matsuyama won the Masters by 1 stroke and that will be worth more than 500 million over his career. Closer to home would be 1 man (Wait Time) planting a flag in Omaha which has grown into a huge group of HIM men that are continuing to accelerate and have a positive impact on many. Also, many of us have received one text or call encouraging us to come to a workout or just to check in to see how we are doing which often comes at just the right time. The Q challenged each PAX to reach out to someone as 1 small act can have a make a huge difference that you would never expect.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Paradise Island

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