Top Rope / 03 Nov 2021

19 PAX: U-Haul, Othello, Thor, Tugboat, Mother Goose, Gator, Thera-band, Blades of Glory, Scoober, Barn Door, Oompa, Mulligan, Cheap Seats, Rollbar, 14, Super fly, Obi-wan, Barbershop, Kobiyashi

QIC: Doppler


Across the parking lot:

Butt-kickers, High Knees, Side Shuffle x2, Mario Jumps, Karaoke x 2, Sprints x 4


Brass Monkey all exercises done x 10 IC

Monkey Humpers

Right Leg MH

Left Leg MH

Gorilla Humpers

Left Monkey Lungers

Right Monkey Lungers

Chimp Pimpers

The Thang

Mumble Chatter Corner 5 Stations

Station 1

Mountain Climbers

Plank jacks


Station 2



Jump overs

Station 3

Freddy mercury

Flutter Kicks

Big Boys

Station 4

Sumo Squats

Jump squats

Apollo Onos

Station 5 (Push Group)

Diamond Merkins x 20

T Merkins x 20

Dive Bomber Merkins x 20

Announcements and Prayers

Queen Service began this week and goes through the end of the year.

Impact retreat 6-8 January

Thankful Trot coming up, you can do them at each site on Thanksgiving Morning, $20 for t-Shirt $50 for a hoodie.

Project Pink’d is over 9k raised they are holding a special celebration at The Pit on 11/6

Veterans Day ruck is coming up., on 13 Nov. We will be collecting items for the Veterans homeless shelter, at all sites if you can’t make it over the next 2 weeks.

Divorce support group 5pm Wed Nov 3rd at DJs on 114th, open to all men, in all relationship statuses

First Friday Lunch 1130 at Cunningham’s

Mother Goose asked for prayers requests for his Father in law Jim as he undergoes cancer treatments

Kobiyashi asked for prayers for his friend, Lee as he has eye surgery today


Cognitive Distortion. This is a term I learned through therapy and was something that was really affecting my life. Throughout my marriage and divorce I was constantly told how I was failing, how I wasn’t deserving of certain things, I wasn’t a good father, the list goes on and on.

One year ago today I joined F3 and started recalibrating and understanding my worth and value as a man. Being surrounded by men who really know who I am, they see value in me, and place value in me. It has been such a healing process. To me there is no better feeling than standing in the middle of the circle surrounded by men who I respect, and just knowing that they all are there to love, and support me, through any battle. It is such an empowering feeling. So thank you to everyone who has stood in the middle of that circle providing leadership and projecting strength. Just as importantly, thank you to everyone who has stood along the outside of that circle surrounding myself and other men of F3 with support.

Because of F3, I have been able to rediscover my worth.



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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