2021, Weds Nov 3 | The DangerZone | Papio South | 5:15 AM | 40 Degrees

PAX (23): Ferdiand, Gobbler, armbar (DC represent!), Echo, Fun Dip, Borat, Levy, Eartag, Feeny,
Chippendale (MOJO), Lincoln Log, Irish Car Bomb, Swiper, KOA, Knobs, Double Dip, Mulch, HuHot,
Zorro, Haggis, Chernobyl
QIC: Jean-Claude
Warm-a-rama: Mosey to pick up some logs
Pre Thang: Cupid Shuffle!
The Thang:
Today was a version of Interval training. 3 stations, Coupon Thrusters, Balls to the Wall, and Telephone
pole team squats. 2mins on exercise, 30 second transition between. 2 full cycles.
Oh, and a sprint up the sledding hill at Papio South for one of the transitions.

Off/Name-o-rama/FNG/Announcements/Prayer Requests/COT/Buckle Presentation/Prayer:

Thanks to Chippendale and Armbar for making the jaunt out for my DZ VQ.
Announcements – Check Slack for Thankful Trot, QueenService,and 1 st Friday Luncheon
Saturday, we are celebrating our efforts for Project Pink’d, come to the Pit for some great 2 nd F post
beatdown. A fire and heaters will be going in the pavilion.
Prayer Requests –
COT – Today’s theme was focusing on the strong women in our lives and the impact they have had on
us. This may be a mother, grandmother, spouse, former spouse, sibling, or even child. They may not be
related to you. Their impacts may have not even been through positive experiences; you may have
struggled with one or more of those relationships.
However, those relationships brought you here, today. Focus on the fact you are willing AND capable of
spending time in the gloom with your F3 brethren because of those interactions.
So, I offer you this suggestion today. Instead of sprinkling in a “….but you did….” During your
interpersonal interactions, use the word AND.
“I appreciate your help this morning, AND I want you to know it means a lot to me. Thank you”
“I know we may struggle at times AND I am here, because of you. Thank you”
“I’ll get the kids today AND I picked up this for you on my way home. Thank you”

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