PAX (21): Sasquatch, Thomas, Ruxpin, Patton, Nemo, FNG Connor (Honky Tonk), OverTime, Supe, Fine Print, Grillz, Bubbles, Mufasa, Tee Ball, Ketchup, Nitro, Pain Killer, Rowdy, Yogi, Gump, Baby Shoes

Q: Sister Act

After a few PAX finished a pre run (YHC did not run today…), all gathered at the shovel flags for a 0530 start. Mission, principles, and disclaimer were said, and we welcomed an FNG (Connor). Thanks, Nemo and Patton, for bringing “Honky Tonk” along this morning. Not much time wasted here; on to W!

WARMARAMA: PAX moseyed to parking lot south of the school, circled up, and worked through some W.

  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 Tappy Taps
  • Batwing all IC: 10 Sun God fwd, 10 Sun God rev, 10 Chinook, 10 Moroccan Night Club
  • 10 Big Ones IC
  • 10 Little Ones IC
  • 20 High Knees

PRE-THANG: PAX took a mosey to the flagpole at the entrance of the school and utilized the knee wall around the flag and the wall of the school

  • 15 alternating step ups on up
  • 15 Derkins on down
  • 15 Dips on down
  • Wall Sit, 10 Overhead Claps IC

THANG: Without much mumble chatter, PAX moseyed to football field, paired up, and executed a 2-man grinder with cumulative reps of the following. One man did exercises while the other ran to the 50 yd line and back. Again, not much mumble chatter (hopefully a good sign of a healthy beatdown!), but there was a sprinting race between Mufasa and Baby Shoes. Mufasa’s swishy pants gave him an advantage, but it looked like a tie to YHC…

  • 200 Merkins
  • 150 Air Squats
  • 100 Big Boys
  • 50 Burpees
  • 25 Apollo Ono’s

MARY: PAX circled up in the end zone and did the following

  • 20 Flutter Kicks
  • 20 LBCs IC
  • 20 Frozen Freddies
  • Hammers, Rancid


PRAYERS/ANNOUNCEMENTS – Thankful Trot on Thanksgiving Day, Project Pink’d Pink Out Beat Down this Saturday, Impact Retreat in Jan, First Friday Lunch | Prayer for Bill/Craig, Pit Stop’s M


So, I didn’t Q on my birthday proper, since I wanted to be on my kinda home-turf for it, so I’m a day late. Which actually is what my COT is all about too. A day late, a month late, a year late – it’s never too late. 

It’s never too late to reconcile an argument, or to start paying better attention to your kids, or doting on your M – it’s never too late. 

It’s never too late to say you’re sorry or that you were wrong. It’s never too late to start chasing that dream you have. It’s never too late to get brave and try a new thing. It’s never too late. As I read in a quote yesterday, “Sometimes too late is is just in time.” 

As I turned 45 yesterday, I thought about the things I’ve done in my life, and the things I’ve wanted to do. I want to live a life of resolve that says, “I never did do that thing – but it’s not too late to try.” Don’t hear me say that as long as you try something it’ll be a wild success, but the act of getting after something that you fear you’ve lost ground on is a great test of your mettle and tenacity. I’ve learned a lot about each of those in F3.

So remember it’s not too late – is there even something you need to do today to remind yourself of this? 

Go get it, AYE!

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