The Wild Kingdom / 02 Nov 2021

26 PAX: Obi-wan, Ozark, Hoser, Unicycle, Scoober, Tee-ball, Slick, Blades of Glory, Sasquatch, Chippendale, Ruxpin, Cutting Edge, Mr. Miyagi, lLincoln Log, Vlassic, Lite Bright, Fine Print, Mufasa, Escobar, Thomas, Hard Hat, Ketchup, Gator, Barndoor

QIC: Cheap Seats and Doppler


SSH x 10

Tappy Taps x 10

Imperial Walkers x 10

Chinook Calf Raises x 10


We partnered off then ran up to the dam, along the path.

Dora: 1 member works on the reps while the other runs up the hill and back

100 Merkins

200 Big Boys

300 Squats

The Thang

Deck of Cards Circle

All PAX Murder Bunny from the outside of the circle to the middle of the circle (Flag). 1 member flips a card and does the exercise assigned to that suit x the number on the card. Complete the set backwards murder bunny back out

Diamonds: Diamond Merkin

Hearts: 1 Leg Burpees

Spades: Merkins

Clubs: Burpees

We cannot confirm this, but we are quite sure there were too many hearts in the deck.


Box Cutters x 10

Rosalitas x 15

Dollys x 20

American Hammers

Announcements and Prayers

Queen Service began this week and goes through the end of the year.

Impact retreat 6-8 January

Thankful Trot coming up, you can do them at each site on Thanksgiving Morning, $20 for t-Shirt $50 for a hoodie.

Project Pink’d is over 9k raised they are holding a special celebration at The Pit on 11/6

Veterans Day ruck is coming up., on 13 Nov. We will be collecting items for the Veterans homeless shelter, at all sites if you can’t make it over the next 2 weeks.

Divorce support group 5pm Wed Nov 3rd at DJs on 114th, open to all men, in all relationship statuses

First Friday Lunch 1130 at Cunningham’s


Just being in the middle of this circle listening to the long list of amazing things we have going on right now is incredible and inspiring to be a part of. Everyone in this circle is making a huge impact on their community, trust that you are bringing so much value to this circle every morning.

Cheap Seats was the Q on my very first day right here at Wild Kingdom 52 Tuesdays ago. What I love about him is that he always asks how my boys are doing, he knows how important they are to me and wants to know what they are up to and how they are doing because he knows that if they are doing well, that more than likely I am doing well. He is such a kind and caring man and I am so happy that he is in my life. Mufasa on the other hand is such a loud mouth, that on my first morning I thought he was in charge through the first half of the beatdown. I love that he flips people shit because that is something that I love to do as well. He showed me that F3 is a place to come work your ass off, can have serious conversations, but also cut loose and have a fun time. Thank you so much to both of these high impact men who are in my circle and in my life.



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