Site Stormbreaker at Werner Park Parking Lot

Q: Biff

PAX: Fun Dip, Ferdinand, HuHot, Drone Strike, Mulch, Irish Car Bomb, Gipper, GirlDad, Jean Claude 

Announced the Site Q swap with Grease Fire and checked for any FNG’s, there were none so we skipped right to the workout!


Got some stretching in with Big Ones on a 5 count for maximum stretching, Tappy Taps, Cherry Pickers and LBC’s.


Prior to the workout YHC had placed some lights on two sets of benches one on the North end of the parking lot and the other on the south end.  This provided a circular route between the two benches of about ⅓ mile or so.

The PAX counted off into three groups and then moseyed to the North benches.  

The Trick!

Since YHC is Co Site Q of the District Murph I felt it appropriate to get a version of the Murph done while on this Site Q swap day.  At each set of benches the group would do the following

10 Dips, 20 Merkins, 30 Air Squats and repeat until pushed.

PAX proceeded to do a grinder with Group 1 starting on the north, Group 2 on the South and Group 3 was the push.  YHC was in group 3 – We got in about 8-10 rounds total and made three full laps around the parking lot.  We mixed up the Merkins with Werkins, Derkins, Incline, Chuck Norris, Ranger, Diamond, we also mixed up the Air Squats with a few Bobby Hurleys and Step Ups.

Omaha was called and the PAX headed back to the shovel flag.  But wait there’s more, since there were benches near the shovel flag and time left on the clock we did one more round of 10, 20, 30 doing Hand Release Merkins.


Frozen LBC’s, Kobe Crunch, Ivan Drago’s, Gas Pumpers and finished with American Hammers.


I occasionally write down thoughts from sermons or speakers if I think it would make a nice brief COT.  So I have been sitting on this one for at least 6 months before getting the chance to share.  

The greatest distance a man has to close is the 18” of space between his Head and his Heart.  This represents the difference between knowing something in your mind and acting on that out of your heart.  We often know something is right or wrong but we struggle with taking action.  YHC encouraged the PAX to think of one thing in their life that they know in their mind is the correct thing but they have yet to close that gap and move that item into their heart and be able to take action on it.  Move from awareness to action!

Take a knee. Prayer. 

Aye, Biff

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