The Octagon / 1 Nov 2021

18 PAX:

Scoober, Oompa, Beta Max, Golden Pike, Folsom, Z-bo, Beaver, Sportiva, GTA, Spacebar, Ice-T, Khakis, Slow Pitch, Polaroid, Edison, Hoosegow, Barbershop

QIC: Doppler


As we circled up, 2 dogs ran over at us barking and trying to sound tough. We stood our ground and shooed them back to their owner.

In an effort to establish our dominance, we started the only way we could.

Alternating Fire Hydrants x 10 IC

SSH x 15

Tappy Taps x 10

Windmills x 8

Big Ones x 8


1 and 10

1 Big Boy run across the parking lot 10 Merkins

2 Big Boys run across the parking lot 9 Merkins

All the way through.

The Thang

Pair off with a buddy

Station 1: Squats x 16

Station 2: 1 Leg Burpees x 8

Station 3: Alt Shoulder Taps x 16

Station 4: Merkins x 16

Station 5: Big Boys x 16

Station 6: Monkey Humpers x 16 IC

Station 7: Bernie Sanders up the hill

Station 8: Side step up the hill

OMAHA is called at 6:05ish

Mary 10 sets each

Scoober: X factor

Oompa: Box Cutters

Beta Max: V rows

Sportiva: Gas Pumpers

American Hammers rancid style

Ghost/Gut Busters

Alternate between Freddie Mercuries and Flutter Kicks

Every time you hear ghost or ghostbusters, do an Alarm clock

American hammers rancid style

Announcements and Prayers

First Friday lunch will be this week at Cunningham’s Starts at 1130

Queen Service mini edition, starts today, and goes through December 27th.

Project Pink’d is well over 7k raised they are holding a special celebration at The Pit on 11/6

Veterans Day ruck is coming up., on 13 Nov. We will be collecting items for the Veterans homeless shelter, at all sites if you can’t make it over the next 2 weeks.

Divorce support group 5pm Wed Nov 3rd at DJs on 114th, open to all men, in all relationship statuses


Charles Bukowski “Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead”

A year ago, this week, I was lucky enough to try doing something crazy, by getting up early and joining an outdoor workout group. I have found that most of the best things that have happened to me usually happen when I try something that feels crazy at the start. Get outside your comfort zone this week, and live your best life.



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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