The Oracle / 30 Oct 2021

26 PAX: Edison/Randy Savage, Doggy-paddle, Brazilian/Cousin Ed, Wait Time/Evil Knievel, Bubbles/Dante Culpepper, Skipper/Mandalorian, LPC/masked bandit, Room service/SWAT, House Party, Obi-wan/Ricky Bobby, Pothole, Stiches, FNG/Lanyard, Frosty/Finkle, Lite-brite, Armbar/unicorn, Othello/care-bear, Lowman, Big One/Ted Lasso, Khakis/Jake from State Farm, Superfly, Tater-Tot/Ketchup, Plague/French Fries, Reba, Vandelay/Joey (could I be wearing anymore clothes?), Doppler/La Nine el Luchador.

It was a dark and cold morning temps were hovering just above freezing and chill in the air matched the chill in my bones as I found the darkest and spookiest place I could find t set-up some cones for the beatdown. Lucky for me Frosty offered to help me set-up so I wasn’t alone on this scariest of mornings.

Once we got back to the shovel flags we were confronted with a terrorizing site. Fully grown men in unicorn onsies, stunt men riding a child’s bike, famous condiments, and helmeted warriors. There was a great buzz of energy in the air.

At 530 I donned my luchador mask and stepped into the middle of the circle. I am La Nina el Luchador, all other oceanic oscillations tremble before me! I am the coldest of the cold and am a scourge to many. Today I will be following the 5 core principles of F3, the mission, and the most importantly the credo, because during any scary movie, we will leave no man behind.

And with that we moseyed down the street into the dark.


“Monster Mash” Danny Elfman

Goofballs, Tappy Taps, Sun Gods, Big ones, Butt Kickers

Burpees during Chorus

Dance Party Prethang

“Werewolves of London” Warren Zevon

Alternating Fire hydrants, Roll-over Merkins, Howls with the music

“Everybody” Backstreet Boys

10x Pickle Pushers,

Wolf Crawl

10x Boybands


10x Oh Yeahs

Run back

“Creep” TLC

10 IC Monkey Humpers

High knees creepy style

10 IC Left Left Monkey Humpers

Army Crawl/Creep

10 IC Right Leg Monkey Humpers

Bernie Sanders back to start

“Clap for the Wolfman” The Guess Who

SSH/overhead claps

Every time they say clap for the Wolfman, do a burpee

The Thang

3 man grinder AKA “I’ll be right back”

Station 1: AMRAP until pushed

Sumo Squats

Jump Squats

Appollo Onos

Jump Tucks

Station 2: AMRAP until pushed

Chuck Norris

Carolina Dry Docks

Diamond Merkins

Alt Shoulder Taps

OMAHA is called at 6:40ish

On the run back we stop and crank out 10 more burpees.


Ghost/Gut Busters

Alternate between Freddie Mercuries and Flutter Kicks

Every time you hear ghost or ghostbusters, do an Alarm clock

American hammers rancid style

Announcements and Prayers

12 in 21 at Lake Cunningham

Project Pink’d is well over 5k raised they are holding a special celebration at The Pit on 11/6

Veterans Day ruck is coming up., on 13 Nov. We will be collecting items for the Veterans homeless shelter, at all sites if you can’t make it over the next 2 weeks.

Divorce support group 5pm Wed Nov 3rd at DJs on 114th, open to all men, in all relationship statuses

Mother Goose 1 year anniversary was today, reach out if you can.

FNG was named McIntosh in the circle but after the COT it was discovered he lost his keys during the workout. We were lucky to find them quickly near the shovel flags. LPC quickly helped with a renaming to Lanyard. It should be noted LPC was in fine form this morning and actually came up with both names.


Charles Bukowski “The trouble with a mask is it never changes” As we all wear costumes this weekend remember that come Monday it is important that we take our masks off both literally and figuratively. As men we face many different challenges and phases in our lives. Being able to adapt and evolve is what makes us effective and HIM. So go into this week, and every day without a mask on.



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