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PAX and 2.0s: (18) Barn door, Giraffeey, Cool Cat, Truly, Fluffy Bunny, Face Eater, T-Ball, Mr. Miyagi, TeePee, Charmander, Short Cake, Zombie Girl, Lemon Law, Jurassic Park, Fine Print, Touchdown, Ghost of Sharknado, and Gator.

QIC: Gator


The Q welcomed the PAX and their 2.0s to the Halloween workout at Dragon’s Lair. We covered our mission statement, five core principles, the credo, and the disclaimer.

The Q noted that we would be telling jokes today. If the someone laughed, then we’d all do 5 Bobby Hurley’s. But if no one laughed, then we would all do 5 burpees. And if someone knew the answer, then no exercises!

Joke #1:


What place do ghosts love to go on vacation?






Bobby Hurleys x 5

Then we did a lap around the tennis court and circled up for


SSH x 10 IC

Werewolves x 3 (hooooowwl!)

Air Squats x 10 

Frankensteins x 10 IC (grrrrr!)

Merkins x 10

Goofballs x 10 IC

The Pre-Pre-Thang:  “The Mumblechatterless Races”

We lined up on the long side of the basketball court for some races. The first 2.0 to finish each race gets a prize!

Race #1

5 Air Squats (10 for Dads) then

Crab walk to one side (only in crab talk, which is “hey…hey”like Finding Nemo)

Duck Walk back (we can only say “quack-quack”)

Race #2

5 SSH IC (10 for Dads)

Frog jump (“ribbet”)

Bunny Hop (“hoppity hop”)

Race #3

5 Merkins  (10 for Dads)

Frankensteins (“Grrrrr”)

Zombie Lunges (“Uhhh-blah-gaaaaaa”)

Joke #2: (The Q forgot to tell this joke, so YHC told it at coffeeteria.)

What is a witch’s favorite subject in school?





Correct answer! No exercise!


Mosey to the tennis courts

The Pre-Thang:  “Armbar’s Paper, Rock, Scissors”

Circle up on the tennis court and count off into 1s and 2s.

1s – do goofballs

2s – challenge anyone doing goofballs to a game of paper rock scissors (one, two, three, shoe!)

Winner – does goofballs until the next challenger comes along

Loser – Does 3 merkins (7 for Dads)

The Thang: Capture the Flag

Dads vs. 2.0s

Each side has a flag that the other side must capture and return to their side. There is a neutral ground in the middle.

When a player is in an opposing team’s territory, they can be captured by that team’s players. If they tag the player, the player must perform an exercise:

Dad’s = 5 burpees

2.0s = 5 SSH 

Frankenstein back to your side. Players are safe and can’t be captured any time they cross back to their own team’s territory.


We played 2 rounds. Final Score:

Dads: 1

Kids: 1


Mosey back to the basketball court.


Joke #3: (told at coffeeteria)


What is a mummy’s favorite kind of music?




Wrap music. 

Correct answer = no exercises


10 LBCs IC

10 Flutterkicks IC

On our six, we spelled out with our legs:




Count Off and Name-O-Rama

Announcements and Prayers

Happy Birthday Fluffy Bunny!

COT: The Old Haunted House

Once upon a time, there was an old haunted house in a little town. No one had lived in the old house for a very long time. But people in the town knew it was haunted. Sometimes they would smell the scent of freshly bakes cookies and hear the sounds of laughter and songs. No one dared go into the old house.

Until one day, a man and his family moved into the house. They didn’t talk to any of their neighbors or people in the town, so no one had the chance to tell them the house was haunted. After they moved in, they were woken up every night by the smell of cookies and the sounds of ghosts having a party. The family wanted to move out, so the man went to go see the Mayor of the town for help. The man was angry that no one told him the house was haunted. The Mayor said he would come with the man that night to the house and see the ghosts for himself.

That night, the Mayor and the man smelled the cookies and heard the sounds of the ghost party. The Mayor thought the cookies smelled so good, he asked if the man would bake some cookies for them. As they ate the cookies, the Mayor started playing music. Soon, the two were singing and laughing and enjoying the cookies. Then, the neighbors stopped by with more food and more music. Pretty soon, the whole town was there having a party.

That night, the man and his family slept in the house and it was totally quiet all night long. And the ghosts never came back.

This Halloween remember to spread the joy to everyone in your community. Or ghosts will haunt you… just kidding! Happy Halloween!

Lemon Law took us out in prayer.

Trick or Treat!


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