October 28, 2021//Swanson Elementary School//AO-The Coop//48 degrees, extremely windy and raining

10 Pax: Edison, Honey Stinger, Landsbury, Toadstool, Wentworth, Slow Pitch, Tater Tot, Greasefire, Biff,

Q: Frosty

We gathered at 5:30, Frosty welcomed the Pax, listed the 5 core principles, gave mission statement and reviewed our motto.  No FNGs so let’s get right to it.  Every HIM at the beatdown was to grab a pumpkin and mosey to our new pumpkin patch. 

We found a nice patch of wet grass to call our patch.  In “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” Linus believes if you make a sincere pumpkin patch, have faith and believe then The Great Pumpkin will appear.  I can’t think of a more sincere pumpkin patch than one built with these men.

Warm O’ Rama

  • 20 – SSH
  • 10 – Windmills
  • 10 – Front Claps

The Thang: Trick-Or-Treat

Phase #1 – Side Straddle Hops:
  From our pumpkin patch, while the group AMRAP’d SSH, 4 trick-or-treaters ran up the slimy, wet, slickery stairs.  Once they reached the top, each trick-or-treater grabbed a card out of the treat boxes.  It was implied the boxes would go from left to right, but free to lead.  Runners came back and read their cards out loud and lead in the corresponding exercise
“My name is Lucy and I got a candy bar”  25 – Merkins
“I’m Violet and I got a popcorn ball”  25 – Bobby Hurleys
“I’m Frieda and I got a fudge bar”  25 – Merkins
“I’m Patty and I got 5 pieces of candy”  5 – Burpees

Phase #2 – Mountain Climbers:   The group did AMRAP Mountain Climbers while the next group of trick-or-treaters relayed up the stairs to retrieve cards.
Violet – 25 Monkey Humpers
Frieda – 25 Pickle Pushers
Lucy – 25 Merkins
“I’m Charlie Brown and I got a rock” – Everyone takes a lap

 Phase #3 – Air Squats:  I think you get it
Charlie – lap
Lucy – Monkey Humpers
Frieda – Merkins
Charlie – Lap

6 MOM;  No Mary today

Mumblechatter:  Todays beatdown was designed to promote mumble chatter and it did.  There was a lot of laughter and I absolutely love that about us.

Announcements/Prayer Requests:
Last week of Project Pink’d.
Halloween schedule
Prayers for Knobs

COT:  At the beginning of the beatdown, each PAX received a pumpkin.  Before the COT I went around with a candy bowl and everyone received a rock, just like Charlie Brown did. 

Linus displayed unwaivering faith in the pumpkin patch.  The pumpkin represents something you are hopeful about and that you need your faith and your fellows for it to happen.  Something you can’t do alone. 

The rock represents a recent disappointment, or a recent failure.  Maybe something completely out of your control that didn’t go your way. 

We didn’t share what each represented for us, but I hope everyone really visualized what their personal rock was and what their pumpkin represented.

My original thought was for us to then throw our rocks to “let go” but I didn’t see an appropriate place, so instead I collected the rocks.  Let go of your rocks and focus on your pumpkins.  If there’s nowhere to throw your rocks, give them to a fellow HIM

PRAYER:  Wentworth took us out in prayer

AND THEN YHC circled back to the most important part of this morning.  Without a word, Slow Pitch retrieved the Nugent flag and passed it to Wentworth . . .

Aye- Frosty

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