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Wednesday- October 27th 2021- Millard South High

52 degrees, wet, cold, amazing…

I pulled into the parking lot at 5:07 am. There was a light sprinkle hitting my windshield and the temperature gauge on my car said 52 degrees. That’s not bad. Maybe we would get lucky, and the storm would pass… Maybe…

This was not only my first Q at the Main Stage, but it was also my first time posting here at all. I walked the site to take it all in. The parking lots, the field, the accoutrement. It was perfect. Sister Act has done an amazing job scouting this site and turning it into something special. Well, done my friend. You are a true HIM!

At 5:30 we had 12 guys total. And the rain was starting to come down pretty good. At 5:31 we had 13 and the rain was coming down even more. This was going to be fun!

I walked through the F3 welcome. 3 Fs. 5 core principles. Mission statement. I even remembered to tell the group I wasn’t a professional. We moseyed down the ramp and slithered through the gate to head out to the field. The PAX circled up around the 50-yard line for a little Warm-a-rama.


Silent SSH’s (Jumping Jacks) 15 IC (+ 5 burpees… Dammit)

Big Ones 10 count

Cherry Pickers 15 IC

Imperial Walkers 10 IC

Sun Gods 10 each

Halfway though the warm-a rama, I saw a figure jogging down the ramp. His silhouette in the morning moonlight was glorious. The gait looked familiar, almost soothing and I had a feeling this person was going to elevate the group. Make us better. As he joined the circle, there was a flash of lightning and the sky lit up, and I could make out his face in the darkness. It was the Big One. It was a going to be a good morning.

After Warm-a-rama, I brought the PAX over to the concessions building to do a little wall work. My friend Slow Pitch once told me to do one exercise each beatdown that you hate, and I hate wall work!


10 Donkey kicks

10 chicken peckers

10 Australian mt climbers

10 Balls to the Wall

The PAX then moseyed back to the 50-yard line and counted off into groups of three. We were going to grind.


We’re going to do a 3-man tag team grinder today.

2 AMRAP stations: goal line and 50-yard line

Station 1


Starfish Crunches

Mahktar Ndiayes

Frozen Freddies

Chuck Norris Merkins

Heels to Heaven

Station 2:

Sumo Squats

Overhead Claps

Copperhead Squats

Air Presses

Air Squats

Cherry Pickers

The third man will run from the 50 to the goal line and relieve the next guy.

The THANG was constant motion and the rain started coming down harder and harder. The PAX moved through the wet and darkness swiftly and with confidence. I watched with admiration at the courage and resiliency of the group. At one point it felt like we had been grinding for 30-45 minutes. I pulled out my phone and it was 5:46… what the f&*$. How was that possible. Does anyone else experience time standing still while you are Qing? It happens every time.

Finally, we got to 6:05 and Omaha was called. I had the PAX line up on the goal line and lay down on there backs and reflect on their day. Look up into the rain and put your intentions into the world. After 2 minutes we moseyed back to the shovel flags for some Mary.

When we arrived, there were some comments made about coming back to the parking lot for Mary as it had filled with water. A river of rainwater rushed through the lot. We couldn’t get much wetter at this point, could we? Let’s do some Mary.


Gas Pumpers- 20

American Hammer – Rancid Style 14

Name-a-rama was smooth and we moved to announcements and prayers.


Gator opened the Armory last week. T-Claps to him and his new role as a leader.


Two Redwoods, Selleck and Lemon Law are moving from Omaha for career opportunities. Keep them and their families in your prayers.


I recently heard something from a mentor of mine that I needed to hear. He told me that in difficult times most people keep their head down and look for potholes. And if you are looking for potholes, you will see them… all day long. Problems, challenges, frustrations. These are all potholes.

I recently found myself looking for potholes and by 8:15 AM I would be pissed off. Instead of looking down for potholes we need to look up for hope, inspiration and opportunity. And when we do, we will find those things just as easily as we found the potholes. So I challenge you to look up at the joy and hope and try to not get caught up in the potholes.

But let me take this one step further. In F3 we are different. We are leaders. This group was established to create male leaders in our community. So, for us, it isn’t enough to get ourselves looking up, we need to help others do the same. It reminds me of a moment I saw years ago in a UCLA basketball game. One of the Bruin players made a mistake and walked to the other end of the court with his chin down. His teammate came over to him and physically lifted his chin up.

That is the opportunity that we have. To help other people stop looking at potholes and start looking for hope, for joy and for inspiration. My final challenge to you is to look for someone in your life with their chin down and help them lift it up.

Brad Pitt prayed us out and we all got out of the rain.

I love you


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