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Doll Face [RESPECT] 

With rain starting, along with Thunderstorms forecasted to start within the next 30 minutes, I called an audible and moved the beatdown to the 3rd floor of the parking garage.  Temps were in the lower 50s.


Windmills Tappy-Taps Monkey humpers Side straddle hops

Blarts Big One’s Arm Stretch Overhead


Shoulder Blaster Special – 10 each IC

  1. Baby Arm Circles
  2. Reverse Arm Circles
  3. Moroccan Night Club
  4. Bent Arm Moroccan Night Club
  5. Chinooks
  6. Shoulder Press
  7. Seal Claps
  8. Overhead Claps
  9. Albatross – wing flaps
  10. Cherry Pickers
  11. Cherry on Top (Hold at 45-degree angle in cadence)

The Thang

Upper Legs – Sets of 10-15-10

  1. Oh Yeahs 
  2. Lounge Act
  3. Derricks – Single leg deadlift
  4. Crab jacks
  5. Dead Lift
  6. Goblet Squat

Lower Legs – Repeat 3xs

  1. One – leg spring ups 5-10-5
  2. Calf raises – heels IC 10
  3. Calf stretch – toes IC 10

Arms 10-15-10

  1. Plank-ups (explosive from lower plank to high plank)
  2. Grave Diggers
  3. Nutcrackers – overhead press, lunge, lower weights slowly touch between legs
  4. Curls for the girls
  5. Tricep press
  6. Overhead press
  7. Chest Fly
  8. Chest Press

Shoulders 10 each IC

  1. Circles around head
  2. Circles around chest – stirring the witches pot


Chilly Jacks – plank jack on elbows

Louganis – Big Boys Situps with dumbells


[I left my COT notes on my vehicle and ended up sharing things from memory.  Probably for the best, since I went long during the beatdown and wouldn’t have had time to read this whole write-up below]

I love how F3 is changing me.

  • 1st F:  Fitness – acceleration in strength, cardio, I have breath now during the workout and can actually mumble chat!  
  • 2nd F:  Fellowship – coff-a-teria I don’t think I’ve missed a single one yet.  I even came back after taking my 2.0s [Datsun & Sylvester] home after Folsom smoked them at Ironwood one time. It has been great getting to know all of you better at the first Friday lunches, Polaroids pre-wedding get-together, and at Nugent’s Celebration of Life.
  • 3rd F:  Faith – It has been great getting challenged by everyone’s COT’s and to be able to share prayer requests and pray for each other.  I have had a chance to serve food to the needy, paint someone’s house who was in need, and encourage young men at North Star.  It also has been great to see how the PAX rally their support for each other during difficult times.

Looking back at the past 5 months I have seen many of you accelerating, and I love it!

I have seen myself as well.  But as I think about the time and effort I put into the 3 Fs,(I have been pretty consistent in the 1st and 2nd Fs, averaging around 5 posts a week for the past 5 months)  I find myself not putting the same time and effort into the 3rd F as I do the first 2 Fs.  

I know that all 3 Fs are important to F3, or Dredd and OBT would have not named this great organization F3!  

What is Faith?  Merriam-Webster Defines the essential meaning of faith as 

1.  Strong belief or trust in someone or something, 

2.  Belief in the existence of God: strong religious feelings or beliefs, 

3.  A system of religious beliefs. 

I am challenged to put more effort into accelerating the 3rd F going forward.  But how can I do that?

As I look at the first 2 F’s, what did I do to accelerate in those areas?  

  1. I spent consistent time in each F:  Fitness & Fellowship
  2. I pushed myself in things that I am uncomfortable with like waking up each day at 

415 AM

I really think that If I can spend regular time and be consistent in exercising my faith, that I will be able to accelerate the 3rd F along with the first 2.

What will this acceleration in the 3rd F look like? 

 I think it will look like a simple algebra equation.

1F + 2F = 3F

[1F]  Exercising my Faith (spiritual fitness) + [2F] Fellowshiping with God on a regular basis =  [3F] equal growth and acceleration in the 3rd F

  • Spiritual Fitness – pray, read God’s word, and serve others.  
  • Spiritual Fellowship – talk with God (prayer), listen to God (reading the Bible), and talk with and encourage others about their faith walk (As Iron sharpens Iron).

Pray, Read, and Serve (all action words) are really simple things, but if consistently practiced over time I think my faith will accelerate.  

Don’t you agree?

Just like today, when we tried out a few new and challenging exercises. I would like each of us to consider what small things we can add to our daily routines to spur growth in all of the 3 Fs.    

I challenge each and every one of us to keep working on these 3Fs. Maybe you need more of the 2nd F and your 1st and 3rd Fs are accelerating perfectly. Or maybe you need to work on your 1st F by keeping your Queen in check.  No matter which F needs our attention, together, let’s all make an effort to keep each other accountable.  I give you permission to ask me how my 3rd F is doing and if you would like me to help you stay on track, please let me know.

Let’s accelerate together!

Close in Prayer:  

Pray for everyone who has recently lost a family member or friend and for this Saturday’s 2.0 workout.  Let’s not be like the rest of the world and say, “Today is hump day, only 2 more days until the weekend.”  Let’s be different and accelerate through the rest of the week and into next week!    

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