October 27 2021 5:30am
Light rain, 53 degrees
AO: Top Rope
Q: Scoober
PAX: Obi-wan, Barber Shop, Superfly, Doppler, Scoober(Q)
Announced: The Mission Statement, Credo. Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.
Asked about FNGs – no rookies today.

Mosey around school

30 SSH
20 Bobby hurleys
20 Apollo onos
10 tappy taps
10 big ones
Line up on wall
Walking lunge to end of concrete
Butt kickers back to wall

Pre-Thang – chain lightning
Wall sit chain run around school
Behind school on hill -alarm clock chain run
( everyone does alarm clocks continuously, do one more after guy before you runs, then run yourself)
Back to wall sits when hill flattens out
The Thang – lightning bolts
Chain run on street
When guy behind you passes you, do 3 low air squats, then run to front of the line
Post Thang – ball lightning
Circle up
Failure to launch – duck duck goose style (had to audible on DDG style due to size of group, ran to tree and back on first round and light pole and back on second round.)
Hold low squat position while one pax runs all the way around the circle back to thier spot then launch, then next guy runs.

10 upside down table top extensions IC (slow)
15 flutter kicks IC (Barber shop took the count)
30 LBCs IC (despite his concerns, Doppler was able to count all the way to 30)

American hammers rancid style x2

Oct 30th 2.0 workouts – Costumes encouraged.
thankful trot thanksgiving morning
Veterans Day Ruck coming up. More to come on slack.
IMPACT retreat in January
Project pink finale – noted how strong the Millard Mojo crew has come on in the past week.

My COT today is a quote by Bob Goff.

“We decide how much influence we’ll have when we decide how available we’ll be”.

This is true in every aspect of life, family, friendships, work, school, church, F3 etc. if we’re always to busy when we’re presented with an opportunity we’re not going to be influential in that realm. If I’m too busy when the kids want to play, I’m passing up an opportunity to be influential in thier life. If I’m continuously not available when a friend wants to get together, that friendship is likely to fall apart. If I’m too worried about failing to take on a challlenge at work, I’m unlikely to get asked to take on the next one. If I don’t take the chance to Q workouts, you’ll miss opportunities to impact the pax. So if you want to be influential, just be available.

Super Fly led us out in prayer.

Thanks to Doppler for having me on the Q.


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