Ironwood: I care about you

10/25/21. Ironwood AO | Memorial Park|

COQ: Selleck and Slow Pitch

15 PAX: Side Dish, Frosty, 2-Step, The Plague, Doll Face (Respect), Grillz, Bovine, Saul, Othello, Rooster, Vandelay, Demagorden, Tater Tot, Selleck, Slow Pitch

Slow Pitch and Selleck had previously arranged to carpool together and so SP, pulled up in front of Selleck’s beautiful house, with a for sale sign in the front yard and welcomed him at 4:45am, to come on into the vehicle. Gonna be a great start to the morning. As always, there was good, sincere chatter about life and changes soon. The two drove to the AO and scoped out the terrain, pulling up to a few studs doing the Smurph, said hello and continued to drive on. The two gents discussed plans, set out cones and then Selleck pulled out a piece of paper and marker to write some things down. This is a first. Anyway, Slow Pitch was mesmerized by this tactic and he inquired. Selleck acted like it was normal to take pre beatdown notes. He’s the F3 Omaha Redwood, shoot, what does Slow Pitch know. They then went for a short mosey, met up with the Smurphers, did 3-4 air squats, some American Hammers, then the final mosey back. Apparently, for those keeping score at home, it counts? They were included in the Name o rama and prayer. Okay Dokey. Here comes some fit Pax members for the beatdown.

Weather:  40 degree cold and wet, after 5+ inches of rain the day before

The Two Q’s batted the mission statement, 5 core principles, and that they’re not professionals, back and forth. Also, “I care about you day” was brought to everyone’s attention. Then everyone set their watches for a mosey.  

Warm-o-Rama: Selleck is leading and here is what went down:

WarmO Merges w/PreThang

* Mosey from Ironwood Shovel Flags to SMM basketball Court on JE George.

* Halfway Halt – String rippers X 10 IC/ Gloomy Salutation X 2/ Breakdance Merkins X 10 each side

* Mosey to courts

* Hillbilly X 15 IC

* Slowest of Windmills X 10 IC

* Big Ones X 10 IC

* Peter Parkers X 10 IC, possibly on the right side

* On your 6 Leg Up & Over Stretch – 10 count each leg

* Hand release merkins X 10 

* Pickle Pushers X 15 IC

* Arm Circles X 10 IC front X 10 IC back

* Partner pectoral Pick me up/ Flip Flop x 10 IC

* Mosey back to ironwood base camp

* Halfway Halt – whispering air squats X 15 IC

* final mosey to hear what Slow Pitch has instore for THANG action.

The THANG – Pair up to start at the first cone or group up, either way, each Pax will complete all reps of each exercise, then mosey to next cone.

​Cone 1 – ​100 Merkins

​​​90 Squats

​Cone 2 – ​80 LBC’s

​​​70 Groiners

​Cone 3 – ​60 Lunges, 30 Each leg

​​​50 Burpees

​Cone 4 – ​40 Big Boys

​​​30 Hydraulic Squats

​Cone 5 – ​20 Jump Tucks

​​​10 Hand Release Merkins​​

In case anyone was wondering. Slow Pitch attempted to explain the exercises, and everyone seemed understand the instructions except for Grillz and Plague. Plague might have too much going on to listen with intent and Grillz is deaf in one ear, so… they did their own modifications.

Slow Pitch was totally gassed before he got to 70 Merkins and it took the encouragement from 2-Step to help him complete the rest of the workout. Was a long morning for Slow Pitch.


Call Omaha at 6:07, then Selleck has Mary

Mary: Selleck led the Pax with:

* Flutters kicks X 20 IC

* Ankle grabbers X 15 IC

* Rosalitas X 15 IC

* E2k X 10 IC each side

* American Hammers – Rancid Roundtable X 15 IC


National I care about you day. Selleck and I were discussing yesterday about what we were going to originally cover for a COT and I was telling him about a competitor of mine sending me a book about positivity and writing out the Amazing Three things that happened today. The author writes about how when he arrives home every day, he tells his wife the best thing that happened to him that day. This could be a lukewarm cup of coffee, but it must be positive, no exceptions, no complaining. This starts their evening together with positivity. I was telling Selleck about this and he informed me that today is National, “I care about you,” day. This stopped my explanation and made me think about Selleck for the moment. I really care about him. Selleck, I care about you! I am so grateful that Roomservice informed me we were going to be neighbors. You and I then had a conversation on Heroes Blvd in Boystown about it. When we moved in, your family brought us housewarming treats and your girls made artwork. We’ve ridden to workouts together, having great laughs, stood in driveways, had conversations, you’ve watered my plants, but most of all, you’ve become a friend and I care about you!  Had it not been for F3, I probably wouldn’t be able to say I care about you, to you and the same goes for most of the men standing here this morning. So, for today and for many more days in the future, tell someone that means a lot or just a little, that you care for them and start your conversations at home with the most positive thing that happened to you today.

There were prayer intentions and announcements

Prayer: Selleck

Thank you for letting two clowns lead the fine men of F3 Omaha!

Selleck and Slow Pitch

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