Rabbit Hole

October 24, 2021

40 degrees and rainy

PAX: Touche, Othello, Landsbury, Yogi, Side Dish, Spreadsheet

Co-QICS – Touche, Side Dish, Spreadsheet

YHCs welcomed the PAX to the Rabbit Hole with many comments on how dark the Rabbit Hole was compared to the last time they had came. YHC stated the 3 F’s, the mission statement, and noted that none of the Q’s were professionals. YHC was reminded he forgot to state the 5 principles. They were stated and the PAX started to Mosey.

Spreadsheet led Warm-a-rama which consisted of a mosey around the north side of the pond followed by:

Big Ones and Goofballs.

Next the PAX moved to the thing led by Touche which consisted of a modified grinder.

The PAX started on the dock and completed the following:

10 Carolina Dry Docks


20 Cherry Pickers

20 Alt Lunges

20 Monkey Humpers IC (Modified to Teddy Humpers which are performed by speaking softly but carrying a big stick) Credit goes to Landsbury.

The PAX then moseyed to a different pavilion and performed the following:

10 Merkins

10 Big Boys

20 Air Squats

20 Dips

20 Step Ups

The PAX rinsed and repeated moseying back and forth between shelters a couple times.

Once 7:40 hit the real fun could begin. Based on numbers the kickball game was modified. Each PAX member batted 5 times with the PAX member totaling the highest number of bases touched without getting out being declared the victor. But there was a catch. Singles required 10 burpees, Doubles were 10 Merkins, Triples were 10 Air Squats, and if you reached all the way home no additional exercises were required as the cardio was enough on its own. If you were deemed out the punishment was 10 Merkins. The PAX quickly determined they’d rather get out trying to get to 2nd than do 10 burpees at first. Slides on the wet grass were encouraged and shenanigans ensued. Omaha was called and the PAX returned to the shovel flags.


T-Claps to High Life and Gator as the Steel Mill and Armory recently were kicked off as new AOs

Prayer Requests:

Spreadsheet requested prayers for his Grandma Carol and the rest of his family as they mourn the passing of his Grandfather who passed away Saturday morning

COT (Spreadsheet)

Find a way to say yes because sometimes you don’t know what you’re actually saying yes to. Bear with me as what I have to say takes a little bit of background and set up.

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to the Astros-White Sox playoff game in Chicago with my Uncle Todd. He’s from down south so we all have to forgive him for being a fan of the infamous trash can beating team. The Astros won the first 2 games of a 5 game series in Houston and he went to game 3 (the only game the Sox hit worth a damn). I saw that he was at the game and we starting texting and he said if the Sox end up winning (which they did) that I should drive to Chicago and go to game 4 with him. The game was scheduled to be the next day on Monday, and I wasn’t going to be able to make it work but fortunately on that Monday Chicago was hit with weather much like we’re experiencing today and the game was pushed to Tuesday. I now had the opportunity to maybe say yes. I had a bunch of southwest points stored up from my days of travel so first I looked at flight options. I could fly from Omaha and get to Chicago by 7 am for the 12:10 pm first pitch with some room for tailgating. I then talked to my M and explained the situation and received the green light. Next, I talked to my boss explained the situation and again received the green light. I texted my Uncle “I’m in” and he responded “see you in the morning.” That next morning, I woke up around 3 am to the sight of “You’re flight has been cancelled.” At that point, I had a dilemma either give up on the idea and just go to work or look at other flight options. The only option that had the potential to work would get me in an hour before 1st pitch so I changed my flight and made it to the game just in time. The Sox then proceeded to get throttled by Houston and were eliminated from the playoffs.

Based on the game being a day game, we left downtown Chicago and headed towards the suburbs where I was able to eat dinner with my grandparents before returning to Omaha the next morning not knowing that those couple hours would be the last time I’d have with my “Poppop”. I am eternally grateful to my Uncle, my M, and all those involved that helped me say yes to going to a baseball game that in the scheme of things doesn’t matter a bit compared to the couple of hours I got with my Poppop that I will forever cherish.

Find a way to say yes because sometimes you don’t know what you’re actually saying yes to.

Rob Sturenfeldt- 78-Poppop



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