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PAX (12): Pony Express, Frosty, Blue Chip Flanders, TC (Respect), Samples (Respect), Ponzi, Grease Fire, GTA, Sportive, Earned It (Hate), Sparty

QIC: Sparty

YHC struggled to get out of the Fartsack this morning and it wasn’t because of a lack of motivation. He played in a hockey game last night for the first time in years and was experiencing immense paid. Nonetheless, he made his way down to The Woodshed just in time to catch the Pre-Runners make their way across Pacific St. He let out a couple nice little honks, but it was unclear if the PAX knew this was a gesture of hello not, “get the hell out of the way.” Sparty had a plan for the day but needed to figure out specifically where to set up. After everything was put in place, Sparty returned to the Shovel Flags and was quickly greeted by the speedster, Frosty! One-by-one, then men arrived at the shovel flags and we had 11 HIM ready to get started at 5:30am.

As YHC slowly went through the credo in an attempt to wait for Blue Chip to join us, things quickly picked up. GTA and Frosty had been reminiscing on the beatdown from Top Rope a couple days before where we had the privilege to see the speed and athleticism of the former Gopher! I let them know right away that there would be no sprinting today, but you may need to modify as needed. We then made a short mosey over to the west by the golf course for Warm-a-rama.


  • Sparty’s hockey stretching routine – this can only be described as trying to get your hip flexors and groin prepared for the pain that awaits.
    • Quad stretch: one foot up on the post and pull down
    • Groiner: unlike the F3 Groiner exercise, this would be more along the lines of our interpretation of helping men with their Reinvigoration. Knees and hands on the ground while pushing your knees away from your midline
    • Underdog: no idea why I do this, but I do
    • Stationary Lunge: holding a lunge position for a 10 count

YHC knew that The Thang was going to be a minimum of 30 minutes, so we jumped right into it. We were going to be doing a Hockey themed beatdown. Everyone was split into 3 groups and we were going to go through 3 rounds of 10-minute “periods.” You would be at one station for a minute and when the timer went off, it was time for a “Line change” and move to the next station. Station 1 was the “Ice” and you had to go over the short boards to get on the ice, then back over when your shift was over. Here was the breakdown…..

The Thang – Hockey

3 10-Minute Periods

3 stations on a 1-minute clock (AMRAP)

1st Period

  • Ice – Lines
  • Bench – Bonnie Blairs
  • Back Row – Squats

2nd Period

  • Ice – Bear Crawl
  • Bench – Mountain Climbers
  • Back Row – Carolina Dry Docks

3rd Period

  • Ice – Crawl Bear
  • Bench – Hand-release Merkins
  • Back Row – Big Boy Sit ups

Mumblechatter and notes – It was suggested that the men not count their reps during the AMRAP and were encouraged to mumblechatter. While the conversations were all over the place, YHC was incredibly satisfied that the PAX followed through with the ask. The intention with the work out was to keep the men moving, and for the workout to get harder each period, like a true hockey game. Sportiva spoke up and asked a great question about whether or not there is Bear Crawling in hockey. Someone responded with “sure when you fall on the ice to keep moving.” The Crawl Bears up the hill sucked, but so does the 3rd period when your legs are shot. At some point during the 1st period, our man Ponzi showed up with his beautiful smile. At 6:08am the timer went off and the game was over. We took a short mosey back to the flags.

Announcements/Prayer Requests: GTA gave a nice gesture of Gratitude to the PAX for the prayers that were shared for his friend who recovered last night. Rabbit Hole returns this week to Benson as The Canyon will be playing host. Shout out and prayers for Sportiva as his M is pregnant with their first Shortie. Continue to Pray for Nikki Gradoville as she navigates through this new reality.

COT: Today is meant to be a reminder for the “veterans,” and a heads up for the newer PAX members with 3 things that I want to revisit with the PAX. 1. We do not exist to be a men’s workout group. Our foundation and purpose lie in the notion that we all need to be better leaders in our community. This is where we need to strive to continually get better and find other men that can help lead this charge. 2. Our Lexicon is crazy and we have several Acronyms that many guys don’t really know the meaning to. How we “Live Right” is through IMPACT. Impact is necessary to initiate movement which then leads to Acceleration, which we are all pushing ourselves and each other to do. Unless you are well versed in Q-Source, you may not know that we refer to IMPACT a lot and it is in fact an acronym:

Influence-Igniting a powerful desire for movement in other people through words & deeds

Missionality-serving in your High Impact Zone (HIZ)

Positive Habit Transfer-Ingraining advantageous tendencies in others

Accountability-Submission to standard through enforcement and consequences

Correction-Zealously advocating for shared virtue

Targeting-Initiating Missionality in others

There is a Q-Point for each of these concepts that takes you through how a High Impact Man lives right. 3. Is what our man Slow Pitch has shared more than once, you are part of something much bigger than yourself. F3 is global. When you wear the logo on your chest, or put the sticker on your car, you need to remember that you are representing people from all over the world. Hold yourself to a higher standard and lead virtuously.

Prayer – our man, Samples (Respect), took us out with some beautiful words of wisdom.



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