22 October 2021 / The Armory / 5:30 a.m. / Ta-Ha-Zouka Park / 34 degrees / Wind 0 mph / 99% humidity / Hazy

PAX (33): Wait Time (respect), Lincoln Log (respect, respect), Painkiller, Blades of Glory, Truly, Patchy Adams (hate), Folsom*, Tater Tot**, Tonight Show (Happy Birthday!), Retweet, Doll Face (respect), Fine Print, Strokes (respect), Doppler, Thor, Ozark (respect), Barn Door, Edison, Yodel, Slap Shot, Toad Stool, The Plague, Armbar, Griswold, Wide Right, T-Ball, Cheap Seats, Speed Square, Patton (respect), Brad Pitt (respect, respect), Mufasa, Cradle, and Gator.

Pre-Runners (9): Barn Door, Cheap Seats, Armbar, Griswold, Wait Time, Fine Print, The Plague, Tater Tot and Gator

Pre-Ruckers (2): Patton (respect) and Strokes (respect)

QIC: Gator

I pulled into Ta-Ha-Zouka Park at 4:39 a.m. I have been overflowing with excitement over the last month to open this site. Numerous PAX have reached out recently with their strong support and encouragement. I am very grateful.

As I was laying out clipboards, lights, and cones, the pre-runners and pre-ruckers started to arrive. Great to see Strokes (respect) back in the gloom!

We ran through downtown Elkhorn and started making our way up a long, steep hill. **Unbeknownst to the Q, a group of PAX had turned around when they saw that Tater Tot had arrived – way to pick up the six, guys. For the rest of the run, it was Team Double-G with my man Griswold. We had a excellent run and an even better conversation. This HIM is stronger in more ways than I ever knew.

Through the cold fog I could see a circle of PAX forming by the Tank. I saw Tater Tot and thought about the text he sent me last night – he gave me more words of encouragement, which was just what I needed. Thankful for your leadership, TT!

Also, if you don’t know Ketchup’s Step-Father from downrange, Brad Pitt (respect, respect), then you need to remedy that situation. Coincidentally, Brad Pitt was at my first post and VQ. I was pumped to see him in the gloom again today!

I didn’t need to check my watch for the time because seeing Blades of Glory coming in hot is always how I know that it is exactly 5:30.


The Q welcomed the PAX to the Launch of West Omaha’s newest AO: The Armory. We covered our mission statement, five core principles, the credo, and the disclaimer. No FNGs.

The Q also noted that we would be doing Burpee or Bobby Hurley trivia questions today. 7 Burpees unless we got the correct answer. In those instances, we would do 7 Bobby Hurleys. Why Bond movie trivia? Because I saw the new Bond movie and it was awesome.

Question #1:

Which US President said that “From Russia with Love” was one of his favorite books?


Many PAX thought it was Reagan (good guess), but T-Ball knocked it out of the park with the correct answer:


Bobby Hurleys x 7

Then we did a mosey to the big parking lot by the football field and circled up for…


We did reps of 10 for the month of October; 22 for the day, and 21 for the year

Big Ones x 10 IC
Cherry Pickers x 22 IC
SSH x 21 IC
Tappy Taps x 10 IC
Sun Gods (11 forward; 11 reverse) x 22 IC
Imperial Walkers x 21 IC

Question #2:

James Bond movies are known for their original songs, like Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die.” But which song is the only Bond song to win an Oscar?


Several great guesses, but we could not come up with the correct one this time, which was…

“The Writing’s on the Wall” by Sam Smith in 2016 for “Spectre”

Burpees x 7

Mosey to the field at Elkhorn Middle School. After the 6 was in, it was time for…

The Pre-Thang:

We lined up on the long side of the field. The Q explained we would start with

Merkins x 27 (for 27 Bond films)

And then Bear Crawl to the other side of the field. In route, the Q would periodically yell out “DOUBLE-O-7”, which meant we would stop bear crawling and do 7 merkins. But since this is F3, we are all freed to lead, so any PAX could yell 007 and that PAX member then leads us in the exercise. Great to see so many PAX do exactly that – so much so that the Q lost count of how many 007 merkins were completed.

Then we planked until the 6 was in. Followed by

Air Squats x 27

On the return, we did walking lunges back to the other side. This time the Q, and any other PAX, could yell “SKYFALL” and we would do 7 Air Squats. We did a lot of Skyfall Squats…

Then we did Al Gore till the 6 was in. We did a mosey back to the Shovel Flags and circled up. Wait Time optimistically thought we had reached the end of the beatdown. But it was not time yet for a concluding count off – it was time to count off into groups of 4 so we could start…

The Thang:

There were four groups, four rounds, and four stations: (nod to Pierce Brosnan who played Bond 4 times)

Station #1: The Push Group at the Wall

Round One-Chicken Peckers x 10 IC
Round Two -Australian Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
Round Three -Donkey Kicks x 10 IC
Round Four-Balls to the Wall 30 second count

Station #2: The Grassy Area by the Tank

Round One-Hydraulic Squats AMRAP
Round Two -Imperial Squat Walkers AMRAP
Round Three -Bonnie Blairs AMRAP
Round Four-Monkey Humpers AMRAP

Station #3: The Pavilion with the Picnic Tables

Round One-Dips AMRAP
Round Two -Derkins AMRAP
Round Three -Dips AMRAP
Round Four-Derkins AMRAP

Station #4: By the Beach Volleyball Court

Round One-LBCs AMRAP
Round Two -Flutterkicks AMRAP
Round Three -Frozen Freddies AMRAP
Round Four-Big Boys AMRAP

Great Second F style AMRAP exercises make for great mumblechatter. Most of our group thought Sean Connery was the best Bond. Daniel Craig in second place. After making it halfway through two rounds, the Q called Omaha and we moseyed over the bridge to circle up for Mary…

Question #3:

EON Films produced 25 of the 27 Bond films. Name the two Bond movies that they did NOT produce?


A few PAX correctly knew that one of them had Sean Connery in it, but we could not come up with the correct answers, which were:

Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again (1983)

Burpees x 7


We did plank for 30 seconds with 10-count assistance from the PAX. Mufasa let everyone know that this would not be The Stienel. But something tells me that we won’t have much more time to wait for it to debut at The Armory…

We immediately moved into side plank and did

Gator Spears x 20 IC (10 each arm)

And dropped into elbow plank for 30 seconds. More assistance from the PAX via 10-count.
Then we immediately did

Gator Tails x 20 IC (10 each leg)

Final Question #4:

In 1986, Roger Moore retired from the role of Bond and was replaced by Timothy Dalton. But which actor was originally cast to replace Moore but could not do so because of his contractual obligations for a TV show he starred in at the time?

Answer: I didn’t even finish asking the question before Doll Face (respect) jumped in with the correct answer:

Pierce Brosnan. The TV show, “Remington Steele”, had 60 days to pick up the option for another season. They exercised it on the 59th day, crushing Brosnan’s Bond dreams. But he got his chance 9 years later in “GoldenEye.”

Bobby Hurleys x 7

Mosey back to the shovel flags

Count Off and Name-O-Rama

Back at the Shovel Flags, we counted off 33 PAX and did Name-O-Rama.

Announcements and Prayers

Project Pink’d event at The Pit, Saturday, November 6th –Slack, Twitter, and B2C for details.
Doppler is organizing a Veteran’s Day ruck – more details to be posted on Slack
Plague encouraged the PAX to keep EH’ing sad clowns in West O as we continue to plant, grow, and serve!
Patton let us know that Nemo (hate) would be posting again soon – SYITG!
And that we would need to continue our prayers for Patton’s neighbors, Bill and Craig
We will also pray for Hoser and his family with hope that they all get well soon
Condolences and prayers for Mary Ann and family from Toad Stool and all the PAX


This all started for me in April of this year when I was in a trial with a guy I knew as “Sean.” And while waiting to find out if his client would testify, he said, “You should come to my workout group.” I immediately said “yes” without knowing a thing about F3. A few days later, I posted at Top Rope and saw that people were calling “Sean” “Toad Stool.” Seeing the curious look on my face, he said “that’s my nickname. You’ll get one today, too.” Fast forward six months and here we are today launching The Armory.

One of the reasons I said “yes” was that I knew what I was missing in my life – namely, what I later would come to know as, the Second F. I’ve made such great friendships in F3 and have recently locked shields with Barn Door, Cheap Seats, Blades of Glory, and Mufasa. Friendship was exactly what I needed. And F3 was able to give that to me.

And now I see that F3 means different things to different people. I’ve seen how F3 is able to give someone those things in life that they need. Whatever goals you have for yourself, whatever you struggle with, F3 is able to give you what you need because of the amazing people that are part of this group. Guys who want to help get you what you need, no matter what it is.

The definition of the word “armory” is:

“An array of resources available for a particular purpose.”

To me, that’s what F3 is. It gives you the resources for whatever particular purpose you need it – that’s what I want the Armory to be: the place where you can go to get what you need.

So, thank you for being here to support the Armory to be that place. Thank you for driving past one or more great AOs to be here. I appreciate all the PAX that have posted and Q’d for the pop ups and all the encouragement for this site. I especially want to thank Patchy Adams, Barn Door, Patton, Tater Tot, Wait Time, and The Plague for all they’ve done to help get this site going. I plan to work very hard to make sure that this site is a success. But if I fail, I will take comfort in the words my Dad once told me: “Son, no man is so low that he cannot serve as a bad example.” So, be it success or failure, I hope I can make a contribution to F3 in the same way that it helped me. Thank you.

Tonight Show led us in prayer on his 42nd birthday – thank you for your words and enjoy some cake tonight, brother!

*A quick word about Folsom: Words cannot adequately describe the experience of Folsom handing you a brand-new, hand-crafted Shovel Flag. It’s unforgettable and humbling to say the least. Many thanks to you, Folsom, for this and all that you do for F3!


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