October 21, 2021 5:30am

Chilly 41 degrees wind upto 20mph  but Clear Skies. 

AO: the Berm


PAX: Biff, Al Borland, Pantyhose, Toto, Thor, Villa, House Party, Truly, Barbershop, Duke of Hurl, Killswitch, Theraband, Nailed It, Slapshot, Anchorman (FNG) Zack Lee, LPC.

Announced: The Mission Statement, Credo. Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles. YHC  

Asked about FNGs – Zack Lee EH’d by Al Borland. 


In place at shovel flags.

20 SSH 

20 mountain Climbers in Cadance

15 Tappy Taps

20 Sun Gods (10 each Side) 

15 Sec Downward dogs 

15 Sec Squat with Rotation

The Thang

3 Man Grinder 

Station 1 at the top of the hill with two exercises. A – curls B – Lopsided Pushups

Station 2 Push element run down hill, pick coupon at bottom and press overhead, hold above head until you reach Station 3 and relieve Him there.

Station 3 about 75 yards away from station 1. To exercises A – Rev Lunges B – Air Squats. 

Sequence of events. Station 1 starts Amrap on exercise A while Pax 2 is the push, begins running to pick up coupon while the 3 Pax member is doing exercise A at Station 3 waiting to be relieved and journey back to station 1 to switch with pax member there. 


Patience, as busy men wearing a lot of hats, more than we give ourselves credit for, we have a tendency to lose our patience or at least it wiens thin often. As leaders of our circle, how do we get control of this? I battle these issues and work to try and answer this question often. The more reflection I have with this the more it seems that it is an issue with myself not the other person ie my M or 2.0s. John Quincy Adams “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish” Generally, it is not a lack of patience that is the problem. It is a lack of grace! Giving grace is even harder because now I am dealing with pride. The inability to provide grace is even worse and a road I don’t want to travel. I encourage you this week, Every instance where your patience  may be growing thin. Think about the ability to teach the other person. Show them grace and be rewarded with the new found patience. 



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