“Do Tough Things”

# of PAX: 18 

QIC:  Skidz 

0445 Pre-Run (14)

PAX: TonyTheTiger, High Life, Trench, FireWalker, Baby Shark, Fun Dip, Animal House, Duracell, FNG (Mailman), Truck Stop, Escobar, Pit Stop, Skidz, Ferdinand

0515 Beatdown (18)

PAX: Escobar, Duracell, Pit Stop, Levy, High Life, Mulch, FireWalker, FNG (Mailman), Supe, BabyShark, HuHot, Animal House, Fun Dip, Truck Stop, Trench, TonyTheTiger, Ferdinand, Skidz

Skidz welcomed the Pax at 0515 sharp.

Skidz went on to cover the 5 core principles of F3.  

1)  Always Free.  
2) Always held outdoors.
3) Led in a rotating fashion.
4) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT).  
5) Open to ALL men. 

Skidz asked if there were any FNGs and 1 hand was raised!  Welcome FNG – Dan. T-claps to Escobar for not only EH’n Dan/Mailman, but also pre-running with him! Well done.

Disclaimer: Skidz then went on to explain that he is not an expert and to modify the exercise suggestions if/as necessary.  Skidz then instructed the PAX to mosey to the gravel track down the street to the south of the shovel flags for warm-a-rama.


SSH 20 IC,  Flying Sun Gods (1 leg elevated) 10 Each Way IC, Bill Callahan F’N Hillbillies (Imperial walkers but knee comes up to elbow on same side of body as raised knee) 10 IC,  Tap-py-tap(s) 10 IC.  Since the majority of PAX for the beatdown also had pre-ran, most were already warmed up, but why not go run some more on the nearby hill.  

Pre-Thang: PAX followed YHC on a mosey to the first lantern ½ way up the hill.  For those over eager and fit PAX, at the street intersecting halfway up the hill, merkins until the 6 reaches the 2nd street intersection.  PAX then continued to the top of the hill VIA Bernie Sanders, and then performed burpees until 6 reached the top of hill.   PAX then instructed to mosey back to the gravel circle and alternating shoulder taps OYO until 6 is in.

The Thang:  PAX number off into 2 groups – 1, 2.   1s vs 2s for The Thang.

YHC wanted to embrace his F3 Name and incorporate some new tools to a workout.

Enter: Westerkamp Challenge!

PAX Group 1 vs PAX Group 2.   There were lighted cones at the ~10/20/30 yard lines. These yard lines continued to get shorter as PAX ended up having more trouble catching duct-taped TP than YHC anticipated.

Group 1 vs Group 2 – Head 2 Head – in order, 10/20/30 yards in increasing yardage then repeat from bottom…..One man goes to yardage (same for both teams), next man up throws the TP……IF Caught Behind Back Wins.  Both teams have to throw at the same time.  Loser does the coupon workout with the losing team, winner does non-coupon workout with the winning team.  5 burpees if no clear winner each round. AMRAP on the workout card until Omaha is called.  

Coupon Workout List: Blockees x5, Coupon Curls x10, Coupon Squat Thrusters x 10, Overhead Press x 10, Coupon Fast Feet Ladder (go through x2), Rifle Carry to 30 and back. AMRAP

Non-Coupon Workout List: Chuck Norris Merkins x5, LBCs x 10, Bonnie Blairs x 10, Carolina Dry Docks x 10, Freddie Mercury x15, SSH until parallel Coupon group completed. AMRAP

We ended up doing lots more burpees.  About 2/3 of the way through the exercise we did a lap on the gravel ‘track’ to keep those HR up more.  When we returned we had a 20 yard challenge where the winning team got to call out a coupon workout for the losers, and if no one caught the TP it was now 7 burpees.  

OMAHA was called by YHC around 0600 and asked PAX to help clean up and return blocks and materials to shovel flags and the side of the building.

Mary: We threw down some Sarpy slammers while counting off to 18.  

Name-a-rama was completed with 17 HIMs and 1 FNG present.

FNG Dan was named Mailman after his favorite player Karl Malone. Dan the Mailman, Welcome.  Fun Dip had the honor of the creative name.  It was hard to hear Fun Dip excitedly call out ‘Mailman, Mailman, Mailman’ from his, oh I don’t know, 644 layers of clothing, but YHC and others were happy for him as he did a few Tiger Woods fist pumps in celebration for what was discussed at coffeeteria is reputably his first successful FNG naming.  The question is…..is Fun Dip cold, or just trying to make weight as we get into the Wrestling season?

Announcements/Prayer Requests:  

  • Prayers for Knobs, Knobs father, and his extended family
  • Prayers for Escobars son Walker as he fights another infection
  • Prayers for Pit Stops M battling breast cancer
  • Prayers for Girldads family/daughter
  • Project Pink’d – post and participate

COT:  YHC reflected the name ‘The Farm’ and grew up in Wayne America on an acreage. Every summer was filled with waking up around 5am, feeding and washing, drying, and combing show cattle. YHC was excited to get old enough to have a real job at the golf course mowing to escape.  It was like teenage gloom. Some days YHC was like the guy in the recent Husker Minnesota post game.  “There’s no hope, F everything, Go Big Red”.    

But looking back, for some sick reason I’m happy I had to do those tough things.  Doing the tough things makes you realize how great you have it, how there is much tougher struggle in this world and we see examples all around us.  So embrace the uncomfortable, enjoy the suck and tough, and keep pushing.

From a Nobel and Pulitzer award winning linguist comes this quote “The more you seek the uncomfortable, the more you will become comfortable”.    CONOR MCGREGOR

I can get that quote out to you all from ME DMs if you want it.

YHC took us out in prayer.



Postscript: Coffeeteria was enjoyed by several HIM, T-claps for Ferdinand for ensuring Banana Nut was on the menu.   

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