October 20, 2021//Aldrich Elementary School//AO-Top Rope//62 degrees and DARK
Frosty’s first Top Rope Q, Moonman’s “See You Later” post

25 Pax: Moonman, GTA, Greasefire, Super Tasty, Hardhat, Barber Shop, Tater Tot, Sparty, Patchy Adams, Speed Square, Doppler, Thor, Kill Switch, Short Sale, Rollbar, Obi-Wan, Superfly, Mac and Cheese, Beaver, Squints, Slow Pitch, Armbar, Light Bright, Retweet

Q: Frosty

We gathered at 5:30, Frosty welcomed the Pax, listed the 5 core principles, gave mission statement (thanks Grease) and the disclaimer.  Frosty reminded everyone they could modify.  No FNGs but attention was given to Moonman’s farewell (not goodbye) post before he hits the open road!  

Warm O’ Rama

  • A 4 minute mosey followed by a warm-up I like to call “Tip-To-Tip”
  • The PAX line up side-to-side with arms stretched out, finger tip to finger tip
  • One at a time, PAX lead us in alternating 10 reps of Side Straddle Hops and 10 Merkins
  • In all, 10 sets of each

The Pre-Thang: One-Minute “Get Readys” and 50 yard Sprints

We lined up between cones and did exercises for a minute before sprinting to the other cones, 50 yards away.

SET 1 – Mountain Climbers:  Mountain Climbers for 60 seconds THEN SPRINT TO THE OTHER CONES

SET 2 – Mountain Climbers:  Mountain Climbers for 60 seconds THEN SPRINT TO THE OTHER CONES

SET 3 – Air Squats: Air Squats for 60 seconds THEN SPRINT TO THE OTHER CONES

SET 4 – Air Squats:  Air Squats for 60 seconds THEN SPRINT TO THE OTHER CONES

The Thang: Two-Station, Three Group Grinder

Station #1 – At the Manhole:  Alternate between Squat Jumps and Alternating Shoulder Taps, Should be at each station about 3 – 3 ½ minutes
25 – Squat Jumps
10 – Alternating Shoulder Taps
20 – Squat Jumps
10 – Alternating Shoulder Taps
15 – Squat Jumps
10 – Alternating Shoulder Taps
10 – Squat Jumps
10 – Alternating Shoulder Taps
Repeat at 10 Reps Until Pushed

Station #2 – At the Bike Racks:   Alternate between Dips and Monkey Humpers, Should be at each station about 3 – 3 ½ minutes
25 – Dips
10 – Monkey Humpers
20 – Dips
10 – Monkey Humpers
15 – Dips
10 – Monkey Humpers
10 – Dips
10 – Monkey Humpers
Repeat at 10 Reps Until Pushed 

6 MOM;  Moonman lead us in American Hammers – Rancid Style, he then gave some departing comments of gratitude for F3.  Very nice and I’m excited for the next coffeteria with him when he’s back to visit.

Mumblechatter: This beatdown may have been a little over-programmed.  YHC forgot to breathe somewhere in the middle and was later offered CPR by Doppler, but that’s fairly normal.  I feel like people really liked the sprints and the “tip-to-tip”.  That’s just from the immediate feedback.  Slow Pitch said I was on his bad side until the COT.

Also, Sparty presented YHC with a ball marker from Creighton’s golf outing honoring Nugent.  I was not expecting this and it really moved me.  All the different ways we’ve honored and placed our memories of our lost friend are really amazing.  You are an amazing group of men.

Announcements/Prayer Requests:
Prayers for all of those dealing with grief and loss:  Khakis, Knobs, The Gradoville’s
Prayers for Moonman on his journey

Launch of The Armory Friday


COT: For my COT today I want to talk about the powerlessness and acceptance.  We are powerless over so many things in life.  A stimulus pops up I am powerless over and there are two paths I can travel down.  I can use self-will and try to control the situation or I can use faith as a bridge toward acceptance.

When I try to control what I am powerless over, it is obvious.  It causes nothing but frustration and stunted growth.  Sometimes there’s something deeper that permeates controlling behavior into every area of my life.

When Nugent died, I kept thinking, I can’t get my arms around this.  I just can’t get my arms around this.  Looking back, what happened was something I couldn’t control.  Complete powerlessness.  My behavior went straight to controlling.  I found myself getting into arguments and power struggles with people (I probably owe The Plague dinner and I definitely won’t be seeing my piano teacher ever again), overeating, buying things, anything to be in control.

I had so much fear.  I have so much fear

When I was a kid in vacation bible school I made a wall hanging that said Psalm 56 – 3, What Times I Am Afraid I Will Trust In Thee.    .  .   The opposite of fear is faith. I have to find a way to give my struggles, my self-will and my life up to God.  I have to have faith.  So much faith.

I’m grateful I have F3 to keep faith front and center, so the spin outs like I had last week can last 48 hours, not for days, weeks and months until my fear and anger define me and my life.

Closing with this quote, “the more often you practice acceptance, the more you will see that each moment has a purpose, a lesson to teach you, a reason for unfolding the way that it does. As you stay present in those moments and genuinely accept them, you may work to find ways to be grateful for life on life’s terms, further improving your quality of day to day life.”

PRAYER:  YHC took us out with a prayer of gratitude.

Aye- Frosty 

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