October 15, 2021 (10) PAX including 1 FNG (Red Tape!) came out to get some this morning. A small but mighty group was ready to face the challenge head on a crisp morning of 42 degrees. 4 PAX were even so bold as to hit the pre-run hard at 0500 hours sharp.

PAX: Tesla, Captain Planet, Samples (respect), Pony Express, Ice T, American Picker, Sportiva, Thing 2 (hate), Red Tape (FNG!), and Door Dash

Warm-a-Rama: – 

Side Straddle Hop – 25 IC

Sun Gods – 15 IC

Reverse Sun Gods – 15 IC

Mountain Climbers – 15 IC

Self-stretch – 1 min

The Thang (2 Group Grinder) – The Thang required us to count of into two groups. Numbers worked out great as there was enough for a smaller-group setting. Once split in two, one group (push group) headed to the first cone to complete the first of four exercises listed for that specific cone. Once complete, the group moved to the next cone and completed that first out of four exercise, and so on. Rinse and repeat as needed.  The workout was rough and the hand release merkins and burpees would make most men rethink checking their heartrate on their smartwatch. Red Tape eclipsed the 200-bpm mark. Omaha was eventually called.  

Exercises until Omaha:

Station – Full Body

1.    15 burpees

2.    7 burpees

3.    13 burpees

4.    11 burpees

Station – Aiken Legs

1.    20 Jump Squats

2.    20 Lunges (15 ea)

3.    20 Bobby Hurley’s

4.    20 Killer Bunnies

Station – ATMs

1.    10 Shoulder Taps (IC)

2.    15 HR Merkins

3.    10 Tempo Merkins (1,2,3 down, 4 Up)

4.    15 Fast Merkins (AFAP)

Station – Wash Board

1.    15 Mountain Climbers (IC)

2.    30sec Plank (IC)

3.    15 Big Boys

4.    30sec High Plank (IC)

Mary: American hammers for 


We had the pleasure of naming an FNG this morning, Red Tape. A long-time amigo of Door Dash and Thing 2; it was great to see him post. After we named our guy Red Tape, Door Dash went into the main theme of his COT – “Meet people where they are at today.” The main message was that we cannot and will never be able to understand the history of another person on this earth. Everyone is coming from a different perspective and not one of us can know what it’s like to take a step in their shoes. However, Door Dash challenged us to be open-minded and aware for the next week in hopes that each of us will try and relate to those we meet/interact with. In doing so, we will better relate and show our true empathetic nature as humans. Be kind.

Ding Dong,

Door Dash

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