October 19, 2021 | Hillsborough Park | AO – The Helix | Calm 55°

PAX (15):  Duke of Hurl, Scoober, (FNG)Green Street, Pit Stop, Kill Switch, House Party, Al Borland, Frosty, Vila, Tube Socks, Escobar, LPC, Theraband, Pantyhose, Nailed It.

Q: Nailed It

Welcomed the above Pax  to the Helix. I went over F3’s 5 core principles and the F3 credo. I let them know that I am a professional, but not at leading work outs.

Warm-A-Rama (Basketball Court)

-SSH x 20 IC

-Sun Gods 20 IC ( 10 fwd / 10 bkwd)

-Windmills 15 IC

-Tapping Taps 15 IC

-Once the Warm O Rama ended we numbered off 1 through 4

Pre Thang

Mosey to the baseball field where there were 4 lighted cones approximately 40 yards away from each other, in the center was a pile of wiffle balls (approximately  60). Each group went to a cone, they were given instructions as follows: 1 pax would run to the center, retrieve 1 ball and return to his respective cone and drop the ball- the remaining Pax would AMRAP burpees, each time a Pax would return to his respective cone a different Pax would go retrieve a ball. This continued till all balls were retrieved. 

The Thang

Mosey from baseball field to the “Hill”. Pax broke up into groups of 3 for a 3-man grinder. 

Nailed up lit up “The Hill” with a spot light and brought light to the gloom. 

Station 1: Top of the Hill (AMRAP)

 – Merkins

– Air Squats

– Diamond Merkins

– Monkey Humpers

Station2: Bottom of the Hill (AMRAP)

-Flutter Kicks

– Big Boys

-Maktar N’ Daiye

-Heel Touches 

Traveler (push):

-Bear Crawl up the hill

-jog down the hill

Rinse and Repeat till Omaha was called (approximately 6:05), return to shovel flags for Mary. 


American Hammers- Rancid style- once around the circle. 


Helix is the NW Omaha site for Project Pink’d fundraiser.  This organization comes alongside local cancer survivors to offer practical help.

Prayer Requests

Escobar’s son Walker


The COT was about how F3 has provided me with some true friends that have been there for me when I have started to stumble and fall. True HIM that notice when things are starting to go the wrong direction and reach out to help. 

I spoke about how at the Berm last week (during the shovel pass), Birdman explained the Berm’s logo design. “a Spartan stands on the hill, head down, battered, feeling almost defeated. But in front of him stands his “brothers” (his shield lock)…shields up protecting him. As time goes by, these men will switch spots and “protect”/ be there for each other when needed most.

I spoke about as men we do not open up and ask for help very often. We often bury our feelings since we are viewed as the “rocks” of our families. 

I spoke about the “sifter” from Freed To Lead and how many people we call friends shake out of the bottom when our lives begin to shake. ( had a little help from LPC remembering all three )

-The Legacy buddy

-Man Dates

-Work Buddy( water cooler friend)

I mentioned that not very long ago 2 of my F3 brothers reached out to me when my life started to shake. They wanted to make sure I was doing ok and wasn’t veering into a ditch.

In F3 I have found friends that will not only be there for the good times, but will stand by you when the world around you begins to shake. 


Nailed It

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