Wild Kingdom – Shovel Flag pass to Mufasa

October 19th, 2021

AO: Lake Zorinsky Park

58 degrees and clear, moonlit sky

PAX: Blades of Glory, Ozark (Respect), Ferdinand, Grillz, Tonight Show, Barn Door, Fine Print, Nitro, T-Ball, Cheap Seats, Yodel, Girl Dad, Griswold, Hard Hat, Tater Tot, Armbar, Doppler, Lincoln Logs (Respect Respect), Smashmouth, Sasquatch, Bubbles, ObiWon, Ruxpin, Gator, The Plague, Bif, Macco, Blue Suede, Speed Square, Mufasa

YHC — Thomas

The morning was off to a rough start as I pulled into the expanse of the Wild Kingdom shortly after 5 AM.  My coffee pre-order from Dunkin was a bust and I was disappointed that we couldn’t share coffeeteeria on site.  But my emotions were quickly changed as I saw a nearly full parking lot already, knowing that a solid group of pre-runners were out enjoying the gloom.

I stopped near the soccer field to set out the lights for The Thang.  Despite a nice cool morning, the grass was dry, a nice surprise from the many dewy mornings from the previous few weeks.  I set the lights out and headed over to the shovel flags.

I had a bit of emotion as I planted the Wild Kingdom shovel flag for the last time.  Hard to believe it was just over a year ago that I nervously took on the Site Q and now it was time to pass on to new leadership.

The PAX startled trickling in.  First Lincoln Logs, then Yodel and soon others.  Then the pre-runners started to pull in .  We were nearing the 5:30 start time and I could see some lights still coming in on the trail.  

At 5:30 AM sharp I shared F3’s mission, core principles and credo.  I also shared the disappointing coffee news but announced that Father Time’s Brookside Cafe would be an excellent audible choice.  And I also shared that if we heard any train whistles we’d be enjoying 10 burpees.  Unfortunately the only train to pass had already went by.


We began a slow mosey to the boat launch parking lot, allowing the full complement of pre-runners to join us.  Mufasa brought his trusted coupon on the run for later adventures.  Along the way Tater Tot reminded the PAX that I was not a professional and to modify as necessary.  We circled up and began the warm-a-rama.

Side Straddle Hops – 20 IC

Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Cherry Pickers — 15 IC

Sun Gods – 10 IC Forward and Back

This concluded warm-a-rama and the PAX took a mosey over the bathroom shelter for Mufasa’s pre-thang.

Pre-Thang:  Mufasa had the PAX line up around the shelter.  We started with donkey kicks.  With the PAX wrapping around the shelter, communication was a bit of a challenge and an unknown number of donkey kicks were performed.  This was followed by a wall site while the Mufasa coupon was passed down the line and back.  And finally we ended with chicken peckers.

The Thang:  The PAX broke into four groups, with each group headed to one of the four corners.  The instructions were pretty basic.  Each group was to send one PAX to the middle light to perform 5 burpees.  The remaining PAX performed an AMRAP of a single exercise until the first PAX returned.  Then the next man left to the middle and the group moved to the next exercise.

Since the exercises were AMRAP there was no counting required, allowing for plenty of mumblechatter.  The PAX rinsed and repeated until Omaha was called.

Copperhead Squats


Big Boys

Monkey Humpers

Carolina Dry Docks

Flutter Kicks

Bobby Hurleys

Alternating Shouler Taps

Frozen Freddies

The PAX completed approximately two full circuits and then Omaha was called at 6:02.


The PAX circled up and did a count-a-rama, nearly starting the name-a-rama before the Q regained focus and realized we had nearly skipped Mary. 

LBCs – 20

Low Dollys – 27

American Hammers (Rancid Style)- 31


There are two site launches this week, Steel Mill led by High Life on Thursday and The Armory led by Gator on Friday.  There will be several workouts on 10/30 with Halloween costumes suggested mandatory.  There are also 2.0 options on that day.


It was just over a year ago that I had the opportunity to take over as the Site Q at Wild Kingdom.  I had a feeling late that summer that Tonight Show might be asking as there were only a few regular PAX at the Wild Kingdom and he knew that I lived nearby.  I accepted the offer with some trepidation.  Fast forward a year later and I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Site Q leadership in F3 Omaha.  One of my most favorite things about F3, and F3 Omaha in particular, is both the opportunity, and really the expectation, that each of us will step up and provide leadership in some area.  The PAX are super supportive and it’s a great way to stretch yourself and I would highly encourage everyone to find a way to offer their leadership in F3, whether that be via Site Q, organizing a blood drive or any other event.

Tonight Show was asked to share the launch history of the Wild Kingdom.  He spoke to the need of having a site west of 90th street and how Lake Zorinsky offered so much potential.  There is an area just to the west of our AO called a preserve, and one of the definitions of a preserve is something special set aside, and in his mind this is F3.

I shared that Mufasa had EH’d me and that the Wild Kingdom was the site of his first post, and so him taking over as the Site Q was the circle of life.  I trust that the Wild Kingdom is in good hands with Mufasa and I look forward to his leadership.

Thomas took us out in prayer.



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