The Mess Hall: Ain’t Life Grand

10/18/21. The Mess Hall AO | Swanson School |

Q: Slow Pitch

9 PAX: Wide Right, Retweet, Skidz, Sam’s Club, Indiana, Grease Fire, Edison, Roseta, Slow Pitch

Weather:  Mid, upper 50’s.

Slow Pitch showed up around 5am and there were 2 HIMs in the parking lot, one was Grease Fire and the other was Indiana. These guys looked like they were thinking about a pre-run, but were uncertain of the terrain, turns of the roads and the darkness. Slow Pitch ditched the two of them to set up and when he came back those two HIM were in the lot but looked like they had run for about 2.5 minutes. They explained how they started to run and took a few right turns, remaining close to the school. At this time, a few cars began to pull up and one guy, Roseta, snuck in behind Slow Pitch, apparently wearing his stealth shoes. Startling how quiet you are dude. 

The mission statement, 5 core principles, and I’m not a professional were covered. Then everyone set their watches for a mosey.  

Mosey: Take a long mosey around the park

Warm-o-Rama: SSH 20 IC, then a 1/3 mile mosey

Pre-Thang: Pressed play on some long jams, provided by Widespread Panic. Enjoy boys!

 ​Backward hop up the hill, 10 burpees, mosey back down, 10 burpees

 ​Bernie up the hill to the top, 10 burpees, mosey back down, 10 burpees.

The THING – Count out 4 groups (ended up in 3 groups of 2 and one of 3). 3 cones nearby with exercises to be performed. Go down list of exercises (Spelled Ain’t Life Grand). while push group takes long mosey around park. The three cones are in proximity so that everyone does 13 exercises with 20 reps each, in a row.

​Alternating Shoulder Taps

​Imperial Squat Walkers

​Nine Burpees

​Tempo Merkins

​Lunge – each leg

​Imperial Walkers

​Failure to Launch



​Ranger Merkins

​Apolo Ohno’s

​No Surrenders

​Diamond Merkins

Call Omaha at 6:05, then played a 6:19 second version of Ain’t Life Grand 

Mary: Each PAX member in the circle were able to lead a core exercise. It was timed perfectly with the song and Mary ended when John Bell said “Thank you very much!”

Announcements: New Sites opening. Prayers and the fundraising for breast cancer awareness.


Ain’t life grand

Sun came out the other day

Through those dusty clouds

And in my mind, I was a child

And it felt good

Ain’t life grand!

I can’t tell you how much these words ring true for my experience in F3. Waking up every morning getting out to run with some fellas, then having the opportunity to workout next to you every morning allows for me to act like a child. When I think about why I have chosen to come out to a workout, rain, shine, snow, sleet, heat, or a crisp 57, it’s because of you guys and the feeling that I get being around you. All of life’s challenges, daily routines, problems to solve. They all melt into trying to breath, doing the next rep, not pass out, or listen to the chatter. The truth is, in my mind I am a child and it feels good! Thank you for helping me be in that space today and all mornings I get to be out here with you!

Prayer: Grease Fire

Thank you for letting me feel like a child! – Slow Pitch

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