10/19/21 F3 Omaha

AO Colosseum

Q: Honey Stinger

PAX: Sister Act, Brazilian, Safe Ride, Huffy, Tardy, JackRabbit, Tin Cup, Blood Shot, Stella, Toadstool, Honey Made, Selleck, Cavalier, No Doze, Q-Tip, Truly, Cozmo, Broad Side, Vanilla Ice, Khakis, TC, Sportiva, Beta Max, Hat Trick, Grass Roots, Landsbury. Welcome FNG Tabloid!

5:30-Greetings, core principals, mission statement, welcoming of the FNG with open and loving arms

The PAX takes off on a brisk mosey and to their surprise they are not heading towards the usual astroturf. Stinger has other plans for the large PAX today. The PAX end the mosey in the parking lot on the southwest end

WOR: SSH-10IC, Imperial Walkers-10IC, Sun gods/calf raise-10IC, Cherry pickers 10IC, High knees 10IC, Goof Balls 10-IC, Bobby Hurleys 15, Monkey Humpers 15IC, alternating shoulder taps-10IC, Tempo Merkins-10IC, Merkins 10

With the PAX breathless and a bit shaken Stinger leads the PAX on a very short mosey to the street in front of a large hill. 20 Air Squats are performed and then Stingers says “I’ll see you at the top of that hill”. With the PAX on the move they are greeted with 15 squat jumps at the top. They PAX then moseys back to the stadium to meet on the east side of the bleachers. 15IC step ups are performed and then the PAX is instructed to sprint to the top for 20 Merkins. After a mosey back to the bottom of the steps the PAX does 15 dips then sprints to the top for 20 Carolina DD. The PAX moseys back to the bottom with the hopes that this segment is over.

Stinger leads the PAX to the north end zone of the football field and instructs the PAX to partner up for the nasty grinder in front of them. The following exercises will be performed while the other partner sprints to the 50 yard line and then either skips, shuffles, karaokes or runs backward to relieve their partner.

Merkins-100. Flutter kicks-75IC, Jump Squats-75, Carolina DD-75, Big Boys-75, Air Squats-100, Rinse and Repeat.

After plenty of mumble chatter Stinger calls Omaha at 6:05 as an FNG did need to be named people.

6MM- flutter kicks, heel touches, low dollys, pickle pushers and end off with Hammers Rancid style

NOR, naming of FNG-welcome Tabloid, announcements-two new official AOs this week and prayer requests.

COT: I went to a church service last weekend and the priest used the acronym R.I.M to talk about building a relationship with the Sky Q.

R-Relationship. I-Identity. M-Mission

In order for things to be in balance and operate at full capacity the RIM model needs to be completed in order. This model stuck with me as I feel it applies to multiple things in our lives. Family, jobs, F3, our relationship with the Sky Q. In all these things a strong relationship to someone around us needs to be established to revel our true identity. Once identity has been determined and established then the mission is reviled and able to be acted on and lived out. So you cant be all about the mission without first establishing a relationship and identity. It doesn’t work that way. Without a strong relationship to the PAX and establishing your identity then the mission to plant and grow community leaders doesn’t mean as much. So if you are struggling in certain situations review the RIM model. You may potentially have to backtrack to the Relationship or identity before the mission ever gets put into play. I’m always honored to lead this group and will always remain your humble correspondent.

Aye! Honey Stinger

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