The Oracle: Carry the Six

10/16/21. The Oracle AO | Boystown

Q: Tater Tot & Slow Pitch

Weather: Clear and Mid 40’s

26 PAX: Shit Bubbles, Grillz, Doppler, Edison, Beta Max, Smashmouth, Umpah, Scoober, Nailed It, Two-Step, Cheap Seats, Big One, GTA, Vandelay (Respect), A-Bomb, Chiclets (Respect), Blue Suede, Saul, DaVinci (Respect, Respect), Khakis (Respect), Stiches, Frosty, Mingus, Wentworth, Slow Pitch and Tater Tot. Forgotten to be mentioned: Retweet was there to start the gloom.

The beautiful morning started out with Slow Pitch arriving a little after 5am, started to set up cones and wait for Tater Tot to get done with the 5am pre-pre run. A group of solid dudes stopped running a little before 530am, then snagged another set of equally solid dudes and they took off running for a pre run. Tater and Slow Pitch discussed areas that needed some cones, some lights and enjoyed driving around the Oracle campus of Boystown. After setting the last few cones and lights in their respected areas the two Q’s went back to the flags to kick off this wonderful morning. One of F3 Omaha’s beloved Pax members that had moved to Florida made a surprise appearance as well!  It was such a great addition to have Blue Suede join us in the gloom!​

The Q’s took turns discussing the 3 F’s, the mission statement, 5 core principles, they’re not professionals and asked if there were any FNG’s?  

Slow Pitch then talked about the “The Six” which is a coupon (cinderblock), with “The Six” stenciled on it in blue. The Pax will be carrying the six the entire workout, passing it from one member to the next for the entire hour, through the moseys and the exercises. Don’t ever forget the six.

Warmarama: North field: Tater leads the Pax on a mosey to warmarama location in the North field while Slow Pitch carries the six, then passes to TT.

​Everyone circled up with Tater and SP in the center. During the warmarama exercises one pax member will run around the outside of the circle carrying the six while the rest of the group is doing reps. He will return to his original spot and hand the six to the next pax. This will continue until all members have run around circle or all exercises completed.

​Exercises to be called out by Q’s:

​​Sun Gods: Forward 10 IC

Air Squats: 20

​​One legged burpees (right leg): 10

​​Right legged lunges: 20

​​Two legged burpees: 10 or 20?

​​Jump Squats: 20

​​Two legged burpees: 10 or 20?

​​Left legged lunges: 20

One legged burpees (left leg): 10

​​Sumo Squats:20

​​Sun Gods: Backward 10 IC

​​Finished with Cherry Pickers: 30 IC

Throughout the warmarama the two Q’s took responsibility of leading each exercise except for that one time that Cheap Seats felt Free to Lead. With the second edition of Free to Lead coming out, one is curious if he recently ordered a copy and took this opportunity to show the Pax what he had learned in the literature. Although completely unexpected, it was a great addition to the warmarama. While all the exercises were going on there was a constant stream of men running around the circle with the six. These 24 men used the six as a baton and carried it for the entire 18 minutes of the gloom’s warmup.

Once finished the Pax counted off in 4’s and 7’s. 4’s with Slow Pitch and 7’s with Tater. There was no significance to the numbers, however no one messed up during the counting, which is a first in many moons, as it seems the simplest of counting is the hardest of the morning’s activities.


Mosey to Pre-Thang locations. SP’s group to picnic tables on green space in the middle of Flanagan Blvd, carrying the six and Tater’s group to the stair of the Music Hall.


4’s start off on picnic tables with 

Derkins: 20

Dips: 20

Foot planted Step ups: 20 each leg (One of the Q’s found out this was very tough while carrying the six, as the table shook, while sharing it with three other pax members). 

Repeat one time and mosey to 7’s

Pass the six to pax member of the 7’s


Music Hall Fun: Do Derkins down each of the 8 stairs at the front of the building, broad jump to a cone approximately 20 yards, then run around sidewalk to top of stairs and repeat. There was heavy breathing during this, especially by Slow Pitch, as he wondered why he and his brother agreed to do this routine.


Post-Pre-Thang: Heroes Blvd light ladder

​Once the Pre-Thang was completed, the Pax moseyed up the hill to Heroes Blvd, where Tater explained a modified version of what was originally planned. We were to sprint to the end of the street and those that finished the fastest were to run back and grab the others. We then proceeded to mosey to West side of Fieldhouse on the football field to receive instructions.

The Thang:

Here we numbered off 1-4 and did make the common and expected mistakes of a normal count off. We were to stay in these groups to complete the Thang. There were two stations: one on the field and one on the wall of the field house. We were to complete 3 exercises with our group then run to the wall and complete those three exercises, then Crawl Bear up hill to the parking lot. If there was time left, we would rinse and repeat (there wasn’t).

​Station one:

​​20 SSH IC

​​20 LBC’s IC

​​20 Squat Jumps

​Wall Station: 

​​20 Donkey Kicks 

​​20 Chicken Peckers IC

​​20 Australian Red Bull Plank Jacks IC

Well, one of the Q’s and a lot of the Pax realized that there werequite a bit of shoulder exercises before the wall and there were numerous Pax members sliding down the wall or doing handstands or just kinda laying there. All in all, a good shoulder burn, to then be followed up by crawl bears up the hill. Omaha was called at 6:47 and there were a lot of men encouraging others and helping them get up the hill. Mosey to flags.


Mary: American Hammers Rancid with Tater Tot and Slow Pitch carrying the six throughout 

Namarama:  Tater and SP explained to the Pax memberstake turns running around the circle to come back to his spot in the circle to state his name, age, F3 name. Each pax will do the same, being released by one of the Q’s approximately every 4 seconds until complete. This was a complete disaster, where at least 2 guys forgort their names, one guy (Chiclets) walked between the camera and the man announcing his name (DaVinci) and it all ended with more of a question mark than a period. Regardless lots of laughter.

There were prayer intentions.

There was also a special passing of a responsibility that one of our Pax members held for the last year and a half. That HIM is Big One and he has been F3 Omaha’s Weasel Shaker for our Pax. During Big One’s tenure as Weasel Shaker, he has assisted with the expansion and growth of numerous sites throughout the region, he has been there for many of the men, knowingly or unknowingly…physically, emotionally and helping spiritually. He has also had the responsibility of being one of the Nantan’s best friends and support throughout some difficult and challenging times. Big One has been a remarkable Weasel Shaker and he is someone others admire for his positivity, laughter, and willingness to be a part of others’ lives. Thank you Big One. He said some extremely nice words and then passed his stuffed weasel to Slow Pitch, who is hoping that he can do a fraction of as good of a job as Big One did in the role.

We’re running long, so….


​The willingness of a FNG, gets me almost every time. Guys that are in shape, out of shape, happily married, unhappily married, single, divorced, employed, unemployed, shit together or unraveled. It doesn’t matter, I am so pleased to see a new guy come out here and stretch their comfort zone and get a little fitness. For most of us, we had someone encourage us, asked us to join in the early morning, maybe pick us up or promise to meet at a location. There are others that got bug zapped by social media and showed up because they were following a pax member on Facebook or Twitter. There are a few guys that did research online for workout groups and F3 came up. They then inquired and convinced themselves to come. Regardless or why, who or how you got here, I am impressed that you are here. We get here, we’re nervous and we see some pretty fit dudes, not necessarily knowing that they may have looked and felt different a few months prior. Some of us try to convince ourselves that we need to be more fit to start or to ever return for a second time. Here’s what I know: I am inspired by the man the sets his alarm, makes a commitment to wake up early, get out of bed, get dressed and ultimately tie his shoes. The courage that it takes to do that is what I want with more things in life. That courage to do something they have never done before, that was built up because they put their faith in another man, God, or themselves is impactful to all. I don’t ever want to forget that feeling. I don’t want you to ever forget that feeling. There are countless men here that I see every morning making certain that the FNG and the six are being carried in. It is a way to pick that man up, but it is also a way for us to be humbled by that man’s courage. Don’t let yourself ever forget what it took for you to show up, not just once, but then the second time too. I challenge you to go pick up or carry the six and remember what that felt like. You too needed courage and most likely will have to have some again.

Thank you for letting us lead!

Tater Tot and Slow Pitch

Big One prayed us out

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