10/16 : Karma Koffee. 37deg F. Clear sky, very dark!  

AO:  Oscar Mike

Q: Kill Switch

PAX:  Q-Tip, Safe Ride, Spacebar

Announced: That all HIM present were aware of the mission statement and core principles.

The Ruck

YHC had a route planned on Strava, but figured he could remember it.  Turns out, remembering is not his strong suit and he should have taken a screen shot.  

The pax helped me guide the ruck with my rough instruction set to a 5.3 mile distance, through Barrington Park trail and a few neighborhoods.  Fantastic conversation throughout!  We came across about 6 runners.  Good on them for getting out in the cold and darkness.

T-Claps to Q-Tip for rucking to the ruck!  Put him at 6.5 miles on the day.  


Keep it simple, keep it basic.  Remove complication and get to it.  Being able to walk across the parking lot after the ruck to Karma Koffee removed 15 minutes of unnecessary driving from where we want to be, which is at coffee with our brothers enjoying the 2nd F. 


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