3-rounds in the Octagon // Monday, October 11th // Octagon // Dark // Cold(ish) 53 degrees //

QIC: BetaMax

PAX (26): Edison, Swinger, Folsom, Sams Club, Wentworth, Sister Act, Mufasa, Tesla, Golden Pike, Kill Switch, GTA, Scuber, Ice T, Oompa, Hoosegow, Patton, Samples, Beaver, Zipline, Duke of Hurl, Khakis, Tuner, Slow Pitch, Betamax

Welcome to THREE (3) FNG’s, mission, core principles, credo, and disclaimer was given.

Beta led the PAX on a brief mosey behind the school to do warm-o-rama.

Warm O Rama

SSH x 20
Tappy Taps x 10
Big Ones x 10
Cherry Pickers w/ Calf Raise x 20
Run to the middle of the football field

Round 1 (Pre-thang)

Base of hill for 6’s
Pax performed one merking, ran up hill, five squats
Pax ran down the hill, two merkins, etc. (like 21’s or 11’s but just 6’s).

Round 2 (Thang)

PAX split into five groups.

Group 1 – Top of hill (20 mountain climbers)
Group 2 – Bottom left of hill (20 merkins)
Group 3 – Enterance to track (20 big boys)
Group 4 – Swing sets (20 in and outs with feet on the swing and hands on the ground)
Group 5 – Corner near highway of track (20 SSH)

After completing the exercise at each station with your group, run to the center of the field and perform three burpees then run to the next station.  This created a star formation on the field, but also was a sneaky method to ensure everyone ran 1.8 miles and performed 30+ burpees!

Round 3 Post-thing (Mary)

PAX circled up around Beta’s speaker, which began to play the Superman soundtrack as Beta instructed everyone to lay on their stomach and to begin fly.

For the next four minutes, Beta led the PAX in flying lessons (banking left, right, diving and pulling up… all while never letter their hands or feet touch the ground).

Rancid style American Hammer’s were also performed.

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