Golden Spike     

Friday, October 15, 2021             

Burke High School, Omaha, NE  



(25) – Dirty Bird, Mother Goose, Grease Fire, GTA, Slow Pitch, Retweet, Sister Act, Romeo, Black Flag, Golden Pike, Birdman, Big One, Drano, Static, Dogman, Ketchup, Black Panther, Sandlot, Pain Killer, TC, Waterboy, Skipper, Zbo, Convoy, Bieber 

QIC: Bieber        

Bieber gave the F3 mission statement, 5 core principles, and disclaimer.  FNG: Sandlot.   


Side Straddle Hops (x10 I/C)       

Tappy Taps (x10 I/C)      

Big Ones (x10 I/C)           


Burpee mile, OYO.  1 lap around track, then 12 burpees. Repeat four times.  Pick up six or plank until six is in.         

The Thang:        

Billy Madison Workout.  Groups of 3. Every exercise 12 REPS (no I/C).  Run to other end of field, do 12 reps of first exercise on list (1st grade).  Run back to original end of field, do 1st grade again plus 12 reps of next exercise (2nd grade).  Continue in this fashion until through 12th grade.  Rinse and repeat, if necessary.         

Grade   1 – Bobby Hurleys

Grade   2 – Chuck Norris Merkins

Grade   3 – Groiners

Grade   4 – Plank Jacks

Grade   5 – Mountain Climbers

Grade   6 – Low Dollies

Grade   7 – LBCs

Grade   8 – Diamond Merkins

Grade   9 – Alt. Shoulder Taps

Grade 10 – Gas Pumpers

Grade 11 – Squat Jumps

Grade 12 – Justin Timberlakes (Jump Tuck Burpees)

“Omaha” called at 6:07a.  Mosey to shovel flags for 6MOM.


American Hammers – “Rancid style” (one rep by each PAX I/C, in succession, end with QIC)              


  • Prayers for Pain Killer’s family member, Laurie, who was killed in car accident this past weekend.  
  • Sign the bat for Nugent if haven’t yet.  Will be delivered to family soon.  


Convoy thanked the PAX for being amazing living examples of what good men look and act like.  Love being able to bring my son to something I’m interested in, to do the work with him, and to be able to surround him with welcoming and positive people.            

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