October 8, 2021|Burke Highschool | AO – Golden Spike | Cool 59°

PAX:  Mother Goose, Wait Time (Respect), Z-bo, Drano, Tugboat, Ice T, Detention, Sister Act, Retweet, Sven, Vandelay (Respect), Dirty Bird, Golden Pike, Room Service, Pain Killer, Black Flag, Romeo

Q: Romeo (VQ) & Black Flag

Welcomed 17 PAX to a cool, clear morning at Golden Spike. Romeo explained the mission of F3, covered the 5 core principles, checked for FNGs and reminded PAX to modify as needed (since he’s not old enough to be a professional).  He then instructed each PAX to take a lap and meet in the endzone.

1 – Warm-A-Rama

After running a lap around the track, PAX circled up in the endzone and Black Flag lead them in some exercises to loosen up:

  • Don Quixote IC (10 IC)
  • Tappy Tap IC (15)
  • Cherry Pickers (15 IC)
  • Boy Bands (10 IC)

After this, Romeo had the PAX number of in 1’s & 2’s and then lead them in two relays:

  1. Passing Relay
    1. PAX lined up 20 yards apart in parallel lines, every 5 yards
    2. Everyone except the front two PAX were to do Merkins
    3. Romeo lead one line and threw the ball to Black Flag in the front of the other line
    4. He then ran to the back of his line and performed Merkins until the ball got back to him
    5. The ball was passed back and forth between lines and the lines crept down the field
  2. Handoff Relay
    1. Once in the other endzone, the PAX lined up in two long lines facing each other
    2. One line was doing butt kicks and the other high knees
    3. Romeo lead one and Black Flag the other
    4. Romeo ran across the endzone and handed the ball to Black Flag, then joined the back of his line
    5. Black Flag then ran the ball back to the other line and handed off, joining the back of the line
    6. They continued this for a few minutes

2 – The Thang (Merkin Football)

Black Flag then explained the rules for Merkin Football:

  • Basic two-hand touch football
  • 5 Merkins performed by all PAX and lead by QB before each play
  • Continuous pass allowed (i.e. receivers can pass any direction to another player)
  • Scoring team calls out an exercise and count, they do it and the opposite team does double

1’s were shirts and 2’s were skins.  Skins took an early lead but shirts scored to tie it up.  Skins then scored again and shirts were driving for the endzone when Ice T got a pick 6 for the skins to make the final score: Skins-21, Shirts 7

The game was pretty clean, although there were a few questionable bumps (and apologies).  Black Flag said he didn’t have the funds to hire refs so PAX needed to monitor themselves.


At 6:05 Omaha was called and PAX were told to return to the shovel flags for Mary.  Black Flag told the PAX to circle up, on their 6, close enough to hold hands. He then passed out some coupons and explained how to perform Kumbay-coupons (pass coupons around in a circle in the action of an American Hammer).


Heartland Hope is this weekend, congratulations for Romeo doing a great job on his VQ, Project Pinkd fundraiser (see Slack for details)

Prayer Requests

Jim who is fighting cancer, Nugent’s family, a PAX receiving a vacectomy later today

COT “What is your why?”

Romeo lead the COT by explaining what he enjoys most about F3.  It comes down to two main things:


You get a workout in early in the day. You can go through the rest of your day thinking “I did a workout.”  It’s motivational.  Partway through the day if you begin to think “I wish I did something physical,” then you remember “I did F3!”


The men of F3 inspire him.  They are supportive to everyone around them.  They are kind.  They are open to talk and listen.  They will talk and listen to everything someone says and help them through it.  They don’t block each other out because they are having a hard time.  They listen and support everybody. He finds that is the main reason he keeps coming. 

It’s built on doing stuff together.  It feels good to know someone is thinking about you or believing in you to do whatever it is at the end of the workout that you don’t think you can do.  Everybody else is just pushing you. He thanked F3 being so good and helping him through his first Q and being such a supportive community.

Black Flag led in a closing prayer.  Everyone was invited to Coffeteria at Stories.  Many of the PAX stuck around to help the Q load up his coupons.


Black Flag (and Romeo)

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