October 15, 2021 5:15am

Chilly 46 degrees but Clear skies after last nights rain. 

AO: the Combine

Q: Scoober

PAX: Biff, Al Borland, Duke of Hurl, TubeSocks, Bubbles, Toto, Pantyhose, Nailed It, LPC, Barbershop, KillSwitch, Doppler, Oompa, FDIC, Beta Max, Wentworth, Sams Club, Scoober (Q)

Announced: The Mission Statement, Credo. Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles. YHC was so worried about not missing the mission statement this time,  that I forgot the most important (IMO) core principle, We are open to ALL men. 

Asked about FNGs – no rookies today. 


In place at shovel flags.

30 sun gods (15 each direction) 

25 SSHs (I can’t count and we did 26)

20 Tappy Taps

15 Bobby hurleys (again I cant count and we did 16)

10 Abe Vigodas

5 burpees


Head over to top of the hill on east side of the school. Found partners on the way. 

One PAX does monkey humpers while other PAX runs down hill touches the school and then Bernie Sanders back up the hill. Then switch

Rinse and repeat for approximately 5 minutes. 

Run to field,  Counted PAX on the way, had 18 – perfect for the three man grinder that was to come.   

The Thang

3 man bunny grinder 

2 stations 50 yards apart with a coupon that moves back and forth, via 10 yard murder bunnies, between the 20 and 30 yard lines as the PAX moves between the stations. 

Each station with a list of cumulative exercises.  Gotta communicate with your team at handoffs.  

Goal line station – cumulative 100 each except for the air squats of which we did 200. 


Carolina dry docks

Air squats 

High knee jumps

Pickle pushers

*Rinse and repeat* – a couple groups did get into the second set of merkins before switching to MARY

50yard line station – cumulative 100 (IC) each

Hydro squats

Shoulder taps

Mountain climbers

Cherry pickers

Plank jacks 

*Rinse and repeat*


On “MARY” call Continue grinder but switch to LBCs at goal line and big boys at 50. 

Was planning to do american hammers at the flags,  but opted to just do the full 6MOM in grinder form. 


  • Doppler reminded us of the Oct 30th 2.0 workout – Costumes encouraged.  
  • LPC informed us the Toto was left with abre cupboard of future Q’s at the Berm where he is the new site Q.  Hit up Toto if you want to Q the berm. 
  • Tube Socks reminded us of the thankful trot thanksgiving morning,  more details to come. 
  • Doppler – Veterans Day Ruck coming up. 
  • LPC – IMPACT retreat in January 
  • BETAMAX asked for prayers for his brother Half Pipe as he hunts for a job. 


My COT today was inspired by Ted Lasso.  

Throughout the show Ted has a group of other guys at the soccer club that gets together to help each other out and talk through their problems, “the diamond dogs”. Roy Kent, the former captain of the team, now an assistant coach, is a total hardass, never really shows any emotion other than anger. Well in one episode,  Roy is feeling something, and asks for a temporary membership into the diamond dogs to discuss his “feeling”.  In a moment of vulnerability,  Roy tells the Diamond dogs, that he’s worried that his girlfriend would be better off without him,  and that scares him, even though he wants what’s best for her. After talking for a few minutes,  the group breaks up to get some work done and Roy says “WAIT,  so sometimes, the diamond dogs is just chatting about shit, and no one solves anything and nothing changes?” Ted says “sometimes yeah” and roy says “Thats cool!” 

As Men, we dont always like to admit that we need to talk about our feelings and whats going on in our lives.  Most men are pretty good at small talk but talking about real stuff with other men is not something we often have a chance to do. And often times, when other men do open up to us we go directly into fix it mode. Having a group of guys to talk to can be really beneficial. So,  find your Diamond Dogs and don’t be afraid to just talk to each other and truly listen as opposed to thinking ahead to how you can solve the problem. 

 Pantyhose led us out in prayer. 

Thanks to LPC for having me on the Q.  



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