“Lincoln Memory Road”

PAX (12): Feeney, Squeaky Clean, Farva, Pea Soup, Blue – RESPECT RESPECT, Hagess, Animal House, Diddy, KOA, Zorro, Firewalker

QIC: Ferdinand

Pre-Run: KOA, Farva, Firewalker, Fun Dip, Ferdinand, Jean Claude and Trench

Ferdinand welcomed the PAX and introduced himself, F3’s Mission, The Three Fs, 5 Core Principles, F3’s Credo, Disclaimer and asking if there are any FNGs. No FNGs.

The Thang:  We left the shovel flags at 5:30 and started moseying up Lincoln Road! We ran as a group and every 5 minutes we stopped, and Ferdinand asked a question to the PAX regarding his last year with F3! If the PAX answered the question correctly, we continued our mosey, if the answer was incorrect then we all did 10 burpees and continued our mosey. We turned around at the 22-minute mark and headed back to the shovel flags.

8 Total Questions – The PAX were correct on 4 of the 8! This meant we completed 40 burpees!

Question 1 – Who got credit for EH’ing Ferdinand? Trench even though Tony The Tiger would say he truly EH’d me!

Question 2 – Where was Ferdinand’s first post? Paradise Island

Question 3 – Where was Ferdinand’s VQ? The Sanitarium

Question 4 – Name one PAX member that Ferdinand has EH’d. (Roadie, Maaco, Baby Blue, Tuff)

Question 5 – What number PAX member is Ferdinand in the F3 Omaha roster system (If you’re within 100 you win)? 673

Question 6 – How many Sarpy AOs were there when Ferdinand first started? 3

Question 7 – What was The Farms official launch date? 4/30/2021

Question 8 – What was F3 Omaha’s official launch date? 4/21/2018

Mary: Sarpy Slammers IC Rancid Style

# Off/Name-o-rama/FNG/Announcements/Prayer Requests/COT/Prayer:

Announcements – Please continue to donate to Project Pink’d.

Prayer Requests – For our brother Schrute and his family and our brother Knobs and his family.

COT – What a year it’s been with F3! Before F3 it was inconsistency with working out, letting work consume most of my time, small windows of family time daily and not giving back to my community near as much as I should’ve been. Fast forward, I am now one year into this amazing journey, and I have made long lasting changes that have affected all aspects of my life in a positive manner. I am now extremely consistent with my workouts and averaging 4-5 posts per week. I started a new job that wouldn’t have been possible without F3 that I absolutely love, and it gives me the balance I need to be at all my kids’ activities and have good quality family time daily. I am making huge strides on becoming a better neighbor and giving back to my community. This is coming in forms of donating blood, food drives, donating to great causes, helping build others up, etc. I feel like I am getting closer to living right and I am continuing to improve on leading right! I have met so many amazing high impact men throughout this journey that have inspired me to be great. I most definitely would not be where I am today without the daily interactions with all you brothers! This has been an exciting year and I look forward to many more years to come! Love you guys!

Prayer – Firewalker took us out in prayer!



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