The Backblast The Combine Oct 8, 2021 

10/08/2021 @ 5:15

22 PAX

Weather was calm and clean temp of 55 degrees

PAX- Jeevs, Q Tip, Pantyhose, Al Borlin, Superfly, Scoober, MoonMan, Sams Club, Tubesocks, Armbar, Toto, Chicklets, Hoser, Wentworth, Houdini (FNG Jose Mejia), Mulligan, Duke of Hurl, Beaver, Barber Shop, Nailed It, Theraband,  LPC (Q)

The PAX were ready to get going in the Gloom even after findout out the SITE Q farsacked. We established the 5 core principles and stated the Mission of F3.

LPC led the Pax to the Opposite side of school for a warm-o-rama and a quiet breath of fresh air to ensure being present for the beatdown that was to ensue. . 


  • Side straddle hop (25)
  • Tap e Taps(25)
  • Sungods front and back (10 each way)
  • Don Key Otees
  • Deep Lunge with Rotation (20 seconds each side)
  • Bear Hugs 10 


Two group of 11 each taking one side of the 100 yard football field. 

Buy in of 20 big boys at the goal line

station of 20 mericans and 20 airsquats every 20 yards.

Bear Crawl is mode of travel between stations. Once you reach the opposite goal line you do 20 burpees then run long way around track to starting position and do it again until Omaha. 


Box Cutters, 

Hello Dolly

American hammers


With our brother Nugent’s life being taken, It has given me much to think about. A lot of questions to ask myself. Where am I at as a man? Who am I spending time with? What am I doing? Is it making an impact? And much more. I didn’t know Nugent super well but knew enough to know that I wish I could have been closer to him. He was an amazing man. One of the lasting impacts he has had on my life was his leadership by example. He played big, He live big, he loved big, he gave big. It serves NOBODY to play small. The people that love us need us to Play Big. We are given so many talents, so many opportunities, and an unknown amount of time. We were made to Play Big. Serve your purpose but serve it by being all in and Playing Big@



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