Top Rope Back Blast – Taking Chances

AO: Top Rope
October 13th, 2021
Weather: 59 Degrees (post storm/drizzle)
PAX (15): Patton (Respect), Cheap Seats, Doppler, Golden Pike, Superfly, Sasquatch, Hard Hat, Sams Club, Griswold, Gator, Lite Brite, Fine Print, Barber Shop, Scoober, Moon Man

Q: Moon Man
Arrived to puddle filled gloom at 5:10 AM. Post storm, a few men were still out pre-running and rucking.
Welcome to F3 (Moon Man)
F3 = Fitness, Fellowship, Faith and went through Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles, & Credo.
Believe forgot to mention not a professional but PAX looked well aware of that!
Warm-a-Rama (mosey across street)
Side-straddle hop (15 IC)
Big Ones (10 IC)
Tappy-taps (10 IC)

Pre-Thang (mosey back across street, around school, and picked up coupons then found some wall – 2 rounds)
Modified peoples chair w/ curls using coupon (15)
Balls to wall shoulder taps (counted and down line)
Donkey kicks with one arm on coupon (10)

Thang (2 Man Grinder) Partner up and one guy will do exercises listed on sheet from top down (rinse & repeat if complete) and other guy will sprint to front of school and do 20 each, then sprint back to relieve your partner (Pick up where you left off):
School Exercises 20 Each
Step Ups (modified because slippery out!)
Parking lot Exercises – 20 each w/ Coupon:
Offset Monkey Humpers
Copperhead Squats
Overhead Triceps Extensions
Mountain Climbers
T Merkins
Heel Touches
Bent Over Rows
Calf Raises
Overhead Push Press
Hops over coupon
Post-Thang (Omaha called @ 6:10 had to rush)
Green Sally Down (audible between Merkins, Dips, Curls, and back to Merkins and ended song early)

Mary – American Hammers Rancid Style 1X

Count Off, No FNGs to name
Announcements / Prayer Requests?
F3 Nemo has districts tomorrow! Patton said if you have time go yell at that little guy and F3 Squirt will be there also.
Holiday season upcoming things:
Sat of Halloween there is a 2.0 workout with costumes and potential convergence.
Upcoming Turkey Trot
Upcoming Vetrans Run
Apex coming again next Thursday & Saturday!
Hump Day Happy Hour today at Inner Rail TODAY @ 5:00
Popup happening @ Ta Ha Zouka THIS FRIDAY!
Popup happening @ Steel Mill TOMORROW & bring dumbbells
Moon Man had shout out for accelerating and to keep doing it when leaving Omaha (thanks Doppler *blush*)
Prayers to anyone dealing or struggling with new mandates happening through work

Before VQ did Co-Q w/ Doppler on 02/10 (when I was 2 months in on my F3 journey) – Was a balmy 8 degrees – Todays beatdown was very similar yet, completely different 😊
Moon Man would really be stepping outside comfort zone soon (into the unknown) with traveling and living full time RV. Always been fan of experimenting and failing fast (for a purpose of learning) and then improving upon it to become a better human being. Over the next year there will be many new challenges and surely will fail miserably.
F3 has enabled me to better step outside my comfort zone and deal with manners in a more peaceful way. Moon Man will always be grateful for his Omaha brothers and already cannot wait until visits are scheduled so he can post. Since Arnold appeared on pre-blast; “Positive thinking can be contagious. Being surrounded by winners helps you develop into a winner” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
F3 Omaha is FILLED with WINNERS. Don’t forget that, and don’t stop getting better every day because of it so take a chance every once in a while, to improve yourself!
Reminder of Farewell next Tuesday, 10/19 @ DJs Dugout (Millard Location)
Moon Man led men on knee in prayer
Aye ~ Moon Man

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