10 October 2021 / AO Rabbit Hole / Crisp fall morning perfect for a light hoodie to be taken off mid beatdown.
QIC: Doppler, Patton, Thor (surprise guest Q, Tugboat!!!)

13 PAX: Frosty, Spreadsheet, Buns of Steel, Folsom, Othello, FNG (Zipline), Nailed it, Bovine, Demogorgon.
I welcomed everyone to Rabbit Hole sponsored by Tope Rope! Today we are celebrating the Shield lock by co-Qing with 2 members of my Shield lock Patton and Thor.
Hit the 5 core principles, the mission statement, credo, welcomed and FNG “Nate”, then reminded people that we are not professionals, and with that we started our mosey
Stopped near the Pavillion where as usual there were already people there getting ready to BBQ for the day.
SSH x 15
Tappy Taps x 10
Cherry Pickers x 15
Big ones x 10
Sun gods x 10 forward
Squats x 10
The Thunder God Thang:
Played Thunderstruck by AC/DC AMRAP air squats until they say Thunder then do a jump tuck.
Then since the music was so good we decided to try a little of the classic Moby “Flower” AKA Bring Sally Up, bring Sally down, with Merkins.
Pattons Punishment: Go to your Corner
Split into red team and blue team
2 team grinder
At the near cone – blue team start AMRAP
Butt kickers
Flutter Kicks

While red team run to cones and do 10 Burpees and ran back to relieve the blue team
7: Burpees
Doppler Relay Race
3 teams. First team member goes up the hill does 1 burpees runs back down. Rest of the team stays in either plank or Al Gore
Bear Crawl
Crab Walk
Frog Jump
Winning team was allowed to pick an exercise of their choice. They Picked 20 reps of Big Boys
Played at the playground. No one is allowed outside the area. Once you are tagged, you are part of the zombie hoard and help tag players until everyone has been tagged.
Winner picks and exercise. Folsom won and picked Merkins
Mary Tugboat came in like Randy Orton and dropped some RKOs outta knowhere on the PAX!!!!
All PAX stay in low squat position while Tugboat sets the scene with some WWE play-by-play everytime he says RKO outta knowhere we all jump up and do an RKO
Undertaker sit-ups x 20 every time Tugboat says “dong” we all sit straight up
We were laughing too hard to remember how many we did, all we know is we stopped when Tugboat “ran out of dongs”
Hulk Hogan proud to be an American Hammers (rancid style)
Announcements/Prayer Requests
Nugent Shovel Flag will be passed between the PAX and planted every day at an AO. The shovel flag was passed to Frosty today.

Today I was surrounded by my Shield Lock Brothers Thor and Patton we started our shield lock about 7 months ago and it has been a great foundation of strength, trust, and accountability for all of us. Some of us have used it to help us stay focused on our fitness goals, sometimes it is a guardrail calling you out for losing sight of your goals or correcting you when you need it, and my personal favorite times are when a shoulder is needed to lean on after a tough day.
If you don’t have a shield lock we highly suggest finding some brothers to invest in and share your time with.


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