AO: The MessHall 

DATE: 10/12/21 

Weather: 49 degrees and clear  

PAX (8): Maaco, Griswold, Lite Brite, McGavin, Fancy, Grillz, Rosetta, Hard Hat 

Q: Hard Hat 

Welcome: Griswold and Hard Hat did a quick prerun in an effort to find the giant owl that almost took Wide Right away last week. Sadly we could not find the beast. Upon their return to the shovel flag, it appeared there would be a smaller group PAX for this beat down. A few guys rolled in last minute, and after a flawless execution of the welcoming statements, the group moseyed to the court. We picked up Rosetta along the way.  

Warmup: Exercises may not have been performed in this exact order.  

  • 10 IC Single Leg Dead Lift (toe touch) 
  • 11 IC Knee to Chest hugs 
  • 20 IC SSH 
  • 10 IC Finkle Swings 
  • 10 IC Alabama Ass Kickers 
  • 10 IC Iron Crosses 
  • 20 IC Mountain Climbers 

Pre Thang: Dark Webbs. An explanation that Dark Webbs consists of four different “Webb” style routines performed back to back. The first one being the Jack Webb. Perform 1 Merkin, then 2 Raise the Roof. Add a Merkin, and add 2 raise the roofs. Continue until completing 10 merkins and 20 raise the roofs. The looks on faces as this began, seemed to express the confusion as to why would we do such simple, not difficult exercises. Soon enough though, the burn set in, and the PAX were groaning with displeasure of the way their shoulders were feeling. After Jack Webbs, we did the House of Paine, which is 1 Jump Squat to 2 Bonnie Blairs. Around the 6, or maybe 8 rep round of the jump squat, the Q continued counting. He’s easily distracted and his mind had wandered. This would occur again in the next Webb set. After completing the House of Paine, the quads were on fire, and needed to be loosened up. We did a lap around the court and circled up on the grass inside the hill within the school. Here we did the Captain Thor routine which is 1 Big Boy Sit-Up to 2 American Hammers. After completing this one, we did another lap to help cool off the abs. Here is when Hard Hat announced that we would skip the final part of the Dark Webbs, because it would not help him make or keep any friends. With that we moved into the Thang.  

Thang: Crazy Dora. We partnered up after a count off, so you couldn’t pick your partner. I didn’t check the Exicon to see if there was actually a Crazy Dora routine, but I’ve been known to lead a Lazy Dora many times in the past. I had to take advantage of the beautiful, well-lit hill available at this AO. The Crazy Dora has the pair complete a total of 100 Merkins, 150 Big Boys, 200 Squats. While one partner is completing reps, the other Bernie Sanders up the hill, does 5 Monkey Humpers, POW crawls down the hill, then switches with his partner and picks up the rep count wherever it was left off. Omaha was called before anyone got to Squats.  

At this point, there wasn’t time to hit the last round of Dark Webbs, so we moseyed back to the flag to complete Mary there.  

6MOM: We started Mary off with some Marge and Homers. Sadly, most of the PAX were not happy with Hard Hat, so no one wanted to make the fun sounds to go along with this. Once completed, HH asked Maaco for his favorite (or least favorite) core exercise. He wanted to do Crunchy Frogs, and led the group with 15 IC.  

Closing: We did the Namarama, had a few announcements and prayer requests, then moved on to the COT. 

Circle of Trust: This message isn’t anything new, but something that has been on my mind lately. I had an opportunity to lead a workout last week where I expressed Nugent’s impact on me and some of the things that I had been reflecting on giving his passing. Also last week, I was able to attend his Celebration of Life, and it really got me to thinking about a lot of things. It was amazing to see the turn out, and it goes to show how much of an impact he had on others, and the legacy that he left behind. It got me thinking about what kind of legacy that I want to have. I know a lot of guys have said lately to be more like Nugent, and I get that about all of the positive things that we can take away from him. But I also believe that we just need to work on being our best selves. We all are different, and I don’t think we should all strive for the same legacy that Nugent left. That was his, and we need to find ours. I also thought a lot about the ceremony, what I liked about it, and started picturing what mine might look like. There are a lot of things that I would do different, because I’m different. I explained a few of those things with my wife. I’m guessing Nugent didn’t have a chance to do that with his wife. We have an opportunity now, to share with our loved ones, what our wishes are. We also can work to foster the most important relationships, so that we can leave the legacy that we were meant to leave. It’s hard to think about this stuff, but it also helps us to focus on the things that matter most. 


Hard Hat 

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