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“Find your Passion and Purpose”

# of PAX:  22

QIC:  Skidz

0500 Pre-Run

PAX: GirlDad, DoubleDip, AnimalHouse, Firewalker, BabyShark, and Sweet Roll (T-claps for running from his house to site, then pre-run, then ran home)

0515 Beatdown

PAX: Squeaky Clean, Chernobyl, Haggis, Zipline, Lucky Charms, Arch, Schrute, Borat, Mulch, Motown (respect), Oompah, Rooney, Sweet Roll, Firewalker, GirlDad, Baby Shark, Levy, Flowers, Double Dip, Animal House, Knobs, Skidz

The night before Skidz wanted to be welcoming to all PAX that may attend, even those that may have graduated from oh I don’t know 0-9 or 0-10 classes at Creighton but were Husker fans.  Sohe asked via Southside Whatsapp if GirlDad would be attending the next AM beatdown, which was met by a very quick reply of YES!

Skidz welcomed the Pax promptly sporting a Husker Red ‘Jayskers Suck’ Tee at 530am to F3– reminding them of the mission to Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Skidz went on to cover the 5 core principles of F3.  

1)  Always Free.  

2) Always held outdoors.

3) Led in a rotating fashion.

4) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT).  

5) Open to ALL men.

Temporary 6) Open to even Jayskers, which includes GirlDad

Skidz asked if there were any FNGs but none braved the morning to show themselves.

Disclaimer: Skidz then went on to explain that he is not an expert and to modify the exercise suggestions if/as necessary.  Skidz then instructed the PAX to mosey and do 1 lap around the track and meet at midfield for warm-a-rama.


Goof balls (20 IC) and promptly said let’s go FireWalker style and scrap any real warm-a-rama.   YHC was worried about getting through the actual thing and having adequate time so scrapped the warm up.   This would possibly be regretted later.

Pre-Thang: PAX moved again to track off the 50 yard line.   As a group —Starting with 10 squat jumps, Run Forest Run to far turn for 15 Werkins, and then mosey to the opposite goal lineand once the 6 was in perform 10 burpees after a gracious 10 count proposed by Site Q Knobs.

Site Q Knobs yet again assisted YHC in determining hash marks and 5 yard lines were NOT visible on the grass field, and additionally sprinklers were going.  Listening to his elder, YHC Skidz agreed in moving to the field turf for a more acceptable, and visible, PreThang 2.  

After mosey through the mud intersections over to the field turf, we assembled on the goal line.

Pre-Thang2: Once PAX were on the goal line, YHC announced …  “We have to get to the other goal line. Has anyone seen the movie ‘Facing the Giants’?  Some PAX nodded in confused and frustrated agreement, remembering that the pivotal scene requires a man to bear crawl with another man on his back the length of the football field, goal line to goal line.

After a couple long seconds, YHC announced that this isn’t the death crawl from ‘facing the giants’.  YHC considered this but was advised by counsel this would/could definitely result in injury and the disclaimer would not suffice in preventing damaged.

Instead PAX frogger/broad jumped to the 15. Bear crawled to the 35. Bernie Sanders to the opposite 35. Crawl bear to the 15. Broad jump to the goal line.   Plank until the 6 is in.

YHC then instructed the PAX to mosey back to the grass field to the North and to the adjacent  hill, and pair up with a fellow HIM that you have not worked out with recently for a 2 mangrinder.

Due to the large # of HIM in attendance, after YHC spread out the instruction reps a bit further, knowing there would be one HIM left without a partner, Skidz looked for that lone PAX, which obviously would have had minimal friends and may be in need of a quality partner for the hill work.

That PAX member was, as fate would have it, GirlDad.

PAX had already started attacking the hill, due to the exquisite comms sheets spread before them. 2-man grinder.

The Thang:  One man runs the hill, while the other partner does the following:1. Chuck Norris Merkins – 502. Air Squats – 503. Monkey Humpers – 50IC4. Carolina Dry Docks – 50 5. SSH – 50IC6. LBCs – 507. Burpees – 108. AMRAP until Omaha.


GirlDad and YHC, being big fans of the Huskers (football team), kept count on reps by corresponding it to a Husker player that wore said number.  Many 90s and 2020s players names were rattled off.   

YHC YHC is still young in his F3 journey, with this being his 4th? Q or Co-Q.  Thus, he had not actually done this workout.   The hill work lasted 22+ minutes, and with YHC Garmin app showing an average HR of 156 with 34 sets of stairs climbed, you can imagine the checking of watches for time and grumble mumble chatter that was heard.   YHC beamed with satisfaction and reminded the PAX that we could be Bernie Sanders up the hill instead of simply running it.

OMAHA was called by YHC at 0607 and the PAX returned to the shovel flags.

Mary: Sarpy slammers counterclockwise before Announcements.

Firewalker advised YHC on proper order of events, and name-a-rama was completed prior to formal announcements. 

Announcements/Prayer Requests:  • Prayers for Knobs, Knobs father, and his extended family• Kaipust and Nugent families• Schrute’s family• Project Pink’d – post and participate• Steel Mill Pop Up


COT:  YHC reflected on the themes from the book ‘Delivering Happiness’ authored by Tony Hsieh who is sadly no longer with us.  The themes and title are around pathing businesses to profits through passion and purpose, but many things really point to larger life outlooks. By increasing the happiness AROUND you – you can increase YOUR OWN happiness. What is your higher purpose?  What are you passionate about? 

“Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself; It is about Creating Yourself”.  -George Bernard Shaw




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