Werner Park AO | 55 degrees

Q: Bloodshot

PAX: Grease Fire, Frosty, Pain Killer, Schrute, Animal House, Mulch, HuHot, Sup.

Bloodshot welcomed and was welcomed by the incoming PAX promptly at 5:30am. He stated the mission of F3, 5 core principles, and disclaimer.

We got started with a very short mosey to the lot for warmarama.


Chain run in small circle with lead runner setting pace. Last runner enters center and does 5 burpees then becomes the lead runner. After completing we circled up for :

Sungods 15 IC

Windmills 15 IC

Chinooks 15 IC

ATM 15 IC x 2

Prethang: 11’s

10 merkins/1 mountain climber IC


2 man grinder. 1 Suicide/Gasser while partner does cumulative reps of exercises totaling 75. Rinse and repeat until Omaha.

Exercises total 150 reps

Hand release Merkins

Bonnie Blairs IC


Monkey Humpers IC

Big Boys

Air squats

Overhead Claps

Carolina Dry Docks

• rinse and repeat

Most groups finished all exercises when Omaha was called. A healthy amount of mumblechatter could be heard. YHC is very impressed with this AO and the PAX who frequent. I plan to be back again.

6 mom

Flutter kicks

Leg raises

Heal touches

Gas Pumpers


Sarpy Slammers


In our book discussion group before the battlefield, one of the chapters was on friendship. The importance of friendship, obstacles to having truly good friendships – why men struggle having true friends —not just acquaintances.

Being vulnerable gets brought up often. In my life being present, especially in the bad times is most bonding.

Winter is coming and no doubt the reason why I post isn’t for the polar bear patch or even the workout. It’s for the guy on the Q- to support.

After further reflection, with every person in our COT hurting from loss, the winter is right now. We need buddies now more than ever.

Thanks for supporting YHC for this buddy workout. Continue to be a servant/buddy for others.



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