F3 Omaha October 9, 2021- 0700 The Oracle AO, Skipper Q

10/9/2021:  Boys Town.  Approx. 65 degrees, wind SE at 7 mph, overcast

PAX:  14 total- Zibo, Rollbar, T Swift, Greenhouse, Spacebar, Hoser, Cheap Seats, Spatula, Vandelay, Sweet Tooth, Hey Hey, Wentworth, and Poseidon.

Q: Skipper.  Skipper presented the mission and disclaimers.

Warm-A-Rama:  the PAX immediately moseyed to the parking lot at intersection of Walsh Dr. and Doyle Dr. on Boys Town and performed 20 SSHs, 15 Merkins, 15 LBCs, 15 Windmills, 10 Imperial Walkers, and 10 tappy taps.

Pre Thing:

The PAX then proceeded to the west side of the Boys Town track and played a game inspired by one that Armbar had led recently.  The PAX counted off by 1s and 2s.  1s were to take up a position on nearest half of the football field with hands up and into a deep squat.  2s were to run around and approach someone from the other team.  Upon approaching one of the 1st, the PAX are to give each other “ten” and then play rock paper scissors.  The winner of rock paper scissors then runs over to someone else to play again while the loser stays in place in his squat.  After approximately 10 gleeful minutes, Skipper called “Omaha” and the PAX moved on to the Thing.

The Thing:

The PAX then moseyed to the dam of Boys Town Lake and numbered off into 5 groups, each group consisting of 2-3 PAX.  The PAX then began a series of waterside exercise stations.  One group was to run across the dam, up the large berm adjacent to it, and then run back down the berm and push the next group.  4 exercise stations were set up along the dam.  #1- 10 burpees and plank; #2- LBCs, Big Boy Situps, Freddy Mercuries and Dying Cockroaches; #3- merkins, alternating shoulder taps; #4- coupon lifting, curls and deadlift on each side.  As each group was pushed, they were to advance to the next workout station and so forth. 

After this thorough workout, Skipper called Omaha and the PAX ran back to the shovel flags at the entrance to Boys Town.  PAX volunteered to carry the coupons back to the shovel flags, which was much appreciated!


The PAX conducted a round of American hammers “Rancid style”.


No FNGs today.  Name A Rama was completed as normal.

Announcements & Prayer

Circle of Trust – Message from the Q- Skipper:                 Learn which battles to pick with your 2.0s.  Learn patience with teenagers! 

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