Papillion La Vista High School | 5:30 AM | 60 degrees


Pax (19): Mulch, Knobs, Sweet Roll, Animal House, Flowers, Kickstand, Truckstop, Duracell, Double Dip, High Life, Borat, Squeaky Clean, Levy, Rooney, Haggis, Schrute, Fun Dip, Golden Pike, Maaco!

Q: Yours truly MAACO!

Pre-Run: One of the Dip Duo and Animal House. *Golden Pike trekked from his house!

Maaco began with a good morning along with listing of various F3 points of interest.

Short mosey down to the track.  As a group we did a short Warm-o-rama, which included 37 SSH IC (NUGENT)! 

Pre-Thang:  With some tuneage and a few baseball bats.  We did a rifle carry chain run!  In a single line the 6 dropped and performed 7 jump squats, while holding a bat in the rifle carry position if applicable.  We made it 2 laps around the track giving all Pax a chance to run to the front of the line.  Then we moseyed to the turf field!

THE-Thang:  Pax split into 2 groups.  Lights were set up in a baseball diamond shape.  We began to play Kick Ball, with a ball that didn’t glow its’ brightest glow!  Basically blind Kick Ball at that point.  2 out Innings. 

The OFFENSE: Kicker performed 7 dizzy bat spins before kicking the ball.  IF  that was successful they Bear Crawled to 1st. Murder Bunny to 2nd Crab Walk to 3rd.  Broad Jumps to home.

Players on the Bench Performed

37 Merkins

37 Air Squats

37 Big Boys

37 Dry Docks

37 Hydraulic Squats



THE DEFENSE:  Perform Monkey Humpers until the ball is in play.  Perform Super Mario to get to the ball. 

One team left a man stranded on 3rd base for a possible W.  But Omaha was called based on time, resulting in a TIE.  Moseyed back to the Shovel Flags.

Mary:  Sarpy slammers IC while passing the tribute bat around the circle.

Announcements:  Breast Cancer and Spina Bifida Awareness Month.  Events being held to remember Nugent.  Introduced the tribute bat for Nugent!

Prayers:  Nugents’ family, Schrutes’ Family, those affected by Breast Cancer and Spina Bifida.

COT:  Maaco opened up about his daughters’ diagnosis with SB.  The choices a family has once they learn of this diagnosis.  Teal is the color for SB awareness.  Yellow is the SB ribbon color.  There is no cure.  Maaco related the dizzy bat effects on a normal person performing a simple task like walking to the daily struggle an individual with SB may have with that same “simple” task.  

Prayer: Knobs took us out!

Pax members took turn leaving that mark on the tribute bat!



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