October 9th 2021 / Halleck Park / Playtime at the Pit

AO: The Pit

Q: Golden Pike

PAX: Gipper, Trench, Simmons, Ferdinand, Rooney, Fun Dip, Borat, Feeny, Farva, Animal House, Icy Hot, Chernobyl, Pea Soup, Squeaky Clean, Tony the Tiger, Romeo, Black Flag, Firewalker 

FNG: Mahomes (EH: Black Flag)

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.

Supplies: 11 cones and 11 lights.


The warmarama was a mosey clear to the other side of Halleck Park. MWAHAHAHAHA!


Omaha Beach / Redlight, Greenlight

1. Setup cones and lights on either end of the football field.

2. Lined up the PAX flat on their stomachs on the ground in a line.

3. When Q said “sprint”, everybody got up, sprinted until Q says “down”. Everybody hit the ground like there’s a “gunner” in the field. Q kept saying “sprint” or “bear crawl” or “mario” again until PAX hits the end zone.

4. First guy who makes it to the other end became the caller.

5. The caller waited until six was in and then rinse and repeated to the other side of the field.

6. We did this about 4-5 times total.

The Thang

Wild Goose Chase

1. PAX teamed up (4 teams total).

2. Q explained there are 6 different stations with different reps to do.

3. The group picked a guy to be the “goose”

4. Back about 50 yards from station one, the group was doing plank as the goose finished his reps.

5. When the goose finished his reps, the rest of the group starts to the first station, did the reps and then continued to the next station.

6. Team goal was to catch the “goose”. When the rest of the team caught the goose, they were to stay together.

7. When the goose (and company) got back to station #1, the PAX was to wait until the six was in. Once the six was in, six became the “goose” (or whoever was closest to being the six).

8. Rinse and repeat.

We modified the second time so the goose had to do 5 more reps than anyone else. That made the game definitely more interesting. Would recommend adding this rule if you try it.

Station #1 – 20 LBCs IC

Station #2 – 20 SSH IC

Station #3 – 15 Hydraulic squats IC

Station #4 – 8 Burpees

Station #5 – 20 Hand-release merkins

Station #6 – 20 Alternating shoulder taps


15 flutter kicks IC

15 Michelle Pfeiffers IC

Duck, Duck, Goose

PAX formed a circle. Every one put their feet in the air. In a clockwise circle, the first guy gets up and starts trying to push every one’s legs down. After he pushes the guy next to him’slegs down, that guy immediately gets up and starts doing the same. This continues until every guy has gone around the whole circle once.  

Rancid American hammers

Mosey back to shovel flags


I talked about how our relational rhythm has a lot to do with seeing where we’re at and where other people are at and then coming alongside other people. As often we see in an F3 workout, some guys are stronger and faster than us. Some may be slower and weaker than us. We always tune the group rhythm to help keep the six with us. By doing this, we make the six better, but we also make ourselves better by learning to slow down and lead each other to be better. 

Our goal in our lives should be to be quick to listen and slow to speak. It should be to find that relational rhythm with our Msand our 2.0s so we can bring out the best in them. We also connect to it through a higher power. I connect to it through my God. Every F feeds into one another.

Golden Pike

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