10/08/2021, The Woodshed

PAX: Tesla, Tater Tot, Slow Pitch, American Picker, TC, Flanders, Khakis, Door Dash, Sportiva, FDIC, Reba

Q: Reba

11 PAX arrived to receive the welcome and disclaimer

We moseyed to the ball field for Warm-A-Rama

10 IC SSH, 10 Air Squats, 10 sec holds of Childs Pose+left arm under+right arm under, 10 second holds runner lunge stretch each leg, 5 touch toes, crawl out, merkin, crawl back, reach to heavens

We then started the Thang:

We each did the following:

1 lap around the baseball diamond

40 Merkins

2 laps around the baseball diamond

30 Killer Rabbits

3 laps around the baseball diamond

20 Lunges ea leg

4 laps around the baseball diamond

10 burpees

3 laps around the baseball diamond

20 lunges ea leg

2 laps around the baseball diamond

30 Killer Rabbits

1 lap around the baseball diamond

40 merkins

When the 6 was in we moseyed to the shovel flags for Mary.

Q decided to keep with the Nugent theme in his head and perform 37 Halos each side

Recognized Tater Tot for everything he has went through for the past week and a half with Nugent’s passing and leading the PAX and organizing events in such an outstanding way.

Thermometers and Thermostats

Cheesy leadership idea that Reba heard about not long ago from a Podcast in which a former USC Linebacker was speaking about Pete Carroll living this to the fullest. With Nugent’s passing and hearing stories about the way he helped Darin Ruf from my beloved (soon to be your World Series Champions once again) San Francisco Giants and Pat Vendette it seemed like this is something that Nugent excelled in. It has always been something that I have struggled with. I am the type of guy that has gravitated to reading the room and going with the flow. I am trying my best to change little by little to set the temperature and to not be so reserved and I am so happy that F3 puts me an arena to work on this.



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