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Pre- run group – Blades, Girl Dad, Ozark, FinePrint, Yodel tried Blades route but ended up going  3.7 mile pre-run and came in hot (as always) to the other pax that was waiting.   

PAX: Ozark, Kobaoshi, Fineprint, Crab cakes, Gator, Sharknado, Charmander ?, Excite Bike, Tonight Show, Yodel, Bear Grills, Convowy, Thomas, Girl dad Chicklets, Cobra Kai, Obi Wan, Kingsford, Cuban, Lincoln Log, Mr. Meagie, 

QIC — Blades of Glory

Blades of Glory welcomed 22 PAX to the Mess Hall.  Gave the mission statement, disclaimer and Credo. But totally forgot the 5 Core principles even though he does have them memorized.   


15 Side Straddle Hops

5ish Some Yoga stuff 

7 (inch worm out to a plank do a merkin then inch worm back up)

13 Imperial Walkers

The PAX moseyed around the park to the John (concrete building). 

Pre-Thang:  The PAX made it to a secure concret building in order to do some balls to the wall. 

  1. 15 chicken Peckers IC
  2. 15 donkey kicks
  3. 37 second count with balls to wall in honor of Nugent
    1. 20 Second Rest count then repeated.

Thang 1:  PAX made it back to the basketball court where Blades explained the process.  Starting at the first line of a basketball court (Bear grIlls later informed Blades this is called the Baseline) you would start with 10 Merkins, Bear Crawl to half Court (blades knew the correct term for that) 10 big boy sit ups, then big boy jumps to the end of the court (aka other baseline) to do 10 Burpees.  Then pax would run around the outside of the tennis court and rinse and repeat.  (Rinse and repeat) some PAX members may not have understood because multiple times people were asking “should we go again”.  Sorry guys….  Also the group was 2 large so split it into 2 groups and the second group held a plank for 40 seconds until the first group moved from the baseline (see I learning) to half court.  

Did this for 10 Min ish…

Thang 2 :  The PAX seemed excited that we were done with that Thang but Thang 2 was pretty much a continuation of Thang 1 plus with a Hill.  Blades emphasized partnering up with someone who has gone about the same pace for the Thang 1 with the idea of If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go further go with someone.  


Started  at SW corner outside of the tennis court and went up the hill to about 15 yards away from the bathroom.  Had 3 stations.  

1. Bottom of Hill was Hand Release Merkins. 

2. Middle of Hill was Air Squats

3.  Burpees (what else)

Then run back down the hill.

It was starting with a set of 3 once you run back down the hill you add 3 more on each time so second round was 6 Merk, 6 A.S. and 6 Burpees. Etc  

It was great to see PAX partner up and push through this and encourage each other along the way.  The 2.0 were strong through the entire process and kept going as well. Blades did overhear something about Core not being worked so after 22 ish minutes of this Blades of Glory Called Omaha.


PAX made their way back to the basketball court and circled up for Mary.  Where Blades informed them we would be doing Salley From an Elbow plank position to a regular plank position.  Speaker quality from Iphone made it very difficult for people to hear but just moved and suffered along.  Thank skyQ that Blades alarm went off with still 40 seconds of the Sally song left.  We called it good and went into American Hammer Rancid style 22.  

Prayer & Announcements, T-claps:

Gator mentioned something about how Blades of Glory covered for Speed square for today’s workout and said something about how he did… Blades purposely forgot…

With lots of awkward silence as waiting for more people to share or say something but Blades could only handle so much and jumped into the C.O.T (honestly it was probably just 5 seconds) 


Blades of Glory took a quote from the Fool of a Took (Lord of the Rings)  “I don’t want to be in Battle…. but waiting on the edge is so much worse.”    

Blades is extremely thankful for the second F of F3.  The Fellowship and leaning in on his brothers as he has been processing the past year and the continued battle that lies ahead.  The waiting has been extremely difficult. Prayer:  Tonight show ended in Prayer:

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