10/08/2021, Ta-Ha-Zouka Pop-up AO (The Armory)

PAX: Tee Ball, Light Brite, Doppler, Fine Print, Cheap Seats, Ozark, Kobayashi, Ketchup, Obi-Wan, Thor, Gump, Slapshot, Truly, Sasquatch, Lincoln Logs, Bear Grylls, Blades of Glory, Gator, Tonight Show, Dr. Thunder, Barn Door

Q: Barn Door

21 PAX arrived to receive the welcome and disclaimer. 

We proceeded to Warm-a-rama in the tank parking lot:

15 IC SSH, 15 IC Tappy Taps, 15 IC Imperial Walkers, and 15 IC Cherry Pickers. 

We rifle carried our coupons to the tennis courts to start the tour of the new site. 

We split into two groups to be maintained through Thang #1 and #2.

Thang #1:

● Group #1 run around the outside of the tennis courts

● Group #2 AMRAPed the following exercises while sharing why they do F3 with the group:

○ Vertical Block Overhead Press

○ Coupon Squats

○ Coupon Curls

○ Kraken Burpees


We rifle carried our coupons to the football field to continue the tour of the new site. 


Thang #2:

● Group #1 alternate between these travelling exercises:

○ Murder Bunnies

○ Crawl Bear

● Group #2 AMRAPed the following exercises while sharing why they do F3 with the group:

○ Thrusters

○ Blockees

○ Kettlebell swings

○ BDE Burpees

“Omaha” was called and the PAX rifle carried the coupons back to the shovel flags. 


Ketchup called for “6 inches”, Gator led us in “Gator Spears”, and the PAX completed 1 round of  Rancid Style American Hammers.  

Circle of Trust:

● Announcements: Heartland Hope this week and still looking for more volunteers

● Prayers: Doppler let us all know Cradle’s father passed away recently and asked for prayers for the family.

● COT: Vulnerability – Is consciously choosing to NOT hide your emotions or desires from others.

● Ways to be more vulnerable

○ Admit you suck at something

○ Take responsibility instead of blaming others

○ Tell someone they are being hurtful/insensitive

○ Tell someone you appreciate/admire/respect/Love them

● Vulnerability is NOT

○ A tactic to get people to like you

○ Emotional vomit

There is power in Vulnerability: It is the backwards law in action – in order to become more resilient, more formidable, you must first bare your flaws and weaknesses for the world to see. 

Being more vulnerable is not an overnight miracle, it takes a lot of grueling work. Work which I am really just getting started with. But, if you put in this work, you wil find new depth in all of your relationships.


Barn Door

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